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:corregido..--[[Usuario:Mcapdevila|Mcapdevila]] ([[Usuario Discusión:Mcapdevila|discusión]]) 14:31 25 ene 2016 (UTC)
== Link from Spanish to English User page ==
Hola Manel,<br>
on your Spanish user page you may want to correct the link [[:en:Usuario:Mcapdevila]] into [[en:User:Mcapdevila]] -- I tried to do so myself but wasn't allowed. <br>
<small>(Why I came here in the first place? Because I was delighted to see you had translated/extended, on 16.09.2015, the article [[:de:Einfädler]] / [[:en:Needle threader]] into Castellano and Català, where the corresponding [https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Needle_threader Commons category] now has been enlarged by a full 70 photos, taken by [[:de:Benutzer:Raymond]] in our [[:de:WP:Lokal_K]] from a friend's collection I had brought along ...)</small><br>
Btw, what does the "24/11" at the top of your English UP stand for?<br>
Saludos de [[Colonia (Alemania)|Colonia]], [[Usuario:HReuter|HReuter]] ([[Usuario Discusión:HReuter|discusión]]) 01:32 14 feb 2016 (UTC)


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