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Making the Video es un programa de MTV que muestra la realización de los videos musicales de diversos cantantes.

Temporada 1[editar]

Temporada 2[editar]

Temporada 3[editar]

Temporada 4[editar]

  • Ricky Martin featuring Christina Aguilera - "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" (2001)
  • Snoop Dogg - "Lay Low" (2001)
  • Eve - "Who's That Girl?" (2001)
  • The Jackson 5 - "La-La Means I Love You (snippet)" - with a cameo appearance by Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty (2001)
  • Aerosmith - "Jaded" (2001)
  • Matchbox Twenty - "Mad Season" (2001)
  • Destiny's Child - "Survivor" (2001)
  • Jay-Z featuring R. Kelly - "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"/R. Kelly featuring Jay-Z - "Fiesta" (2001)
  • Dream - "This Is Me"/Tyrese - "I Like Them Girls" (2001)

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