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Warbringer in Rostock 6.jpg
Warbringer en Rostock, Alemania (2012).
Datos generales
Origen Newbury Park, California Bandera de Estados Unidos
Estado Activo
Información artística
Género(s) Thrash Metal
Período de actividad 2004-presente
Discográfica(s) Century Media Records
Napalm Records
Artistas relacionados John Waters
Sitio web Sitio web oficial
John Kevill
John Laux
Adam Carroll
Ben Mottsman
Antiguos miembros
Evan Reiter
Ryan Bates
Victor Mikhaltsevich
Emilio Hoschet
Ben Bennet
Nic Ritter
Jeff Potts
Andy Laux
Carlos Cruz

Warbringer es una banda estadounidense de thrash metal formada en 2004. Century Media Records firmó con Warbringer después de que los vieran tocar en un show en Los Ángeles.


Formación y primeros lanzamientos (2004-2007)[editar]

La banda fue fundada en 2004 cuando John Laux conoció a Victor Mikhaltsevich en la preparatoria. Compartieron un fuerte interés por el metal y comenzaron a componer canciones instrumentales. Finalmente Victor presentó a John Kevill como el nuevo vocalista y de inmediato una fuerte asociación creativa se fue forjando. Originalmente se llamaron "Onslaught" pero cambiaron su nombre después de saber que había una banda con el mismo nombre, pero ninguna canción fue grabada durante el periodo que usaron ese nombre. Después reclutaron a Andy Laux como bajista y a Evan Reiter como baterista. Unas semanas más tarde Evan abandonó la banda y fue reemplazado por Adam Carroll quien Kevill había conocido como guitarrista en una banda local en un show de Metal Church.

John Kevill (2012)

The band finally had a solid line up in place and had adopted the name Warbringer after attempting to combine War- as prefix to a variety of words. They had recorded a four-song 2004 demo that was never released. It was the only recording with Victor Mikhaltsevich with the band. Due to creative differences the band had decided to seek out another guitar player. Emilio Hoschet soon joined the band and in 2005 they had self-financed the Born of the Ruins demo. Copies were handmade and passed out for free at local shows.

A local thrash revival scene started expanding and growing around the L.A. area. Thanks to word of mouth, organic promotion, and social networking sites, at lot of young promoters began booking shows with exclusively traditional metal bands and performances. Eventually bands in the scene went from Backyard shows in Watts to practically sold out shows on the Sunset Strip. Smaller labels became interested in the scene and Heavy Artillery Records had asked a number of Thrash Revival bands to contribute to a Various artist compilation Speed Kills...Again.[1]​ Released was delayed until 2007.

Ryan Bates joined Warbringer early in 2006 as the bands new drummer after Adam Carroll had left on a hiatus from Warbringer and Zombie.

In 2006 the band had also finished the One By One, the Wicked Fall demo. Self-financed again and recorded at Love Juice Labs. The original pressings were handmade, but the band eventually opted to have them printed more professionally. They EP was sold for $5 and was sent out to a number of different labels and magazines. The EP was very successful and was met with many positive reviews. Warbringer began to move up in the local roster and open for larger bands. Emilio Hoschet parts ways with the band early in 2007 and Adam Carroll fills in as a temporary guitarist for THE LOS ANGELES MURDERFEST VERSION 3.0 where the band opened for bands like Obituary, Atheist and Repulsion.

In 2007 Warbringer signs with Century Media[2]​ Adam Carroll decides to rejoin Warbringer full-time as a guitar player and has notably made contributions to the music on War Without End as a drummer and a guitarist.

War Without End (2007-presente)[editar]

Warbringer entró al estudio con Bill Metoyer (Slayer, D.R.I, W.A.S.P) como ellos produjeron y arreglaron. En 2008 War Without End Salió a la venta Warbringer estaba en la línea del primer nacional tour abriendo para Exodus en enero seguidos por otro stateside tour abriendo para Nile. Andy Laux decidió finalizar su senior año en la preparatoria antes de ir con la banda y preguntar a Ben Bennett que lo reemplaze en el bajo duties hasta que se graduara.

The following June after a tour in Europe with Napalm Death & Suffocation, Ryan Bates informed the band that he was not satisfied touring and would be leaving the to pursue other ambitions. The band issue a press release seeking a new drummer through YouTube auditions.[3]

Nic Ritter joined the band shortly after Ryan's departure while still an active member of the progressive metal outfit Prototype for a few months. That summer Warbringer traveled to Europe performing at a number festival dates including Wacken Open Air and resumed and heavy touring schedule starting with Sworn Enemy. The band returned to the States and toured there in the fall with Finntroll followed by Overkill again in North America.

During the winter of 2008 Warbringer begins writing new music, with less than 3 months to write the record, the band is unfazed by the pressure and with experience from the road, writing partnerships between the band were stronger and more focused than anytime before in the career.

Early in 2009 the band went to Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California to record with Gary Holt (Exodus) as producer and Zack Ohren for mixing and mastering. The record was completed in 12 days and the band shipped off for two more North American tours with Soilwork back to back with Kreator and Exodus. The tour lasted over 3½ months. During the last half of the tour, Nic Ritter broke his arm and John Gensmer of Epicurean filled in for the band.

In July Warbringer embarked on a headlining tour of Europe and as support for Onslaught and Testament in the UK. This was Ben Bennett's last tour and in August he was replaced by the band's original bass player, Andy Laux.[4]​ The band continued touring heavily in the US, opening for Obituary, Vader, and a show with Slipknot before the end of the year.

In 2010 Warbringer returned to Europe co-heading with the U.K's Evile and both bands returned to the states to support Overkill's Killfest 010 tour. In the Spring Warbringer opens for Municipal Waste in Japan and headlines in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines. Warbringer is direct support for Pestilence in North America, return to Europe to co-headline with Skeletonwitch, and as direct support again in the fall supporting Nevermore.

The band made plans to begin work for the third record. Due to overwhelming personal tensions from touring the band went on a short hiatus. They reach a mutual decision with drummer Nic Ritter and part ways after a handful of shows early in the new year of 2011. Carlos Cruz of Hexen is announced as the band's next drummer shortly afterwords.

During the spring of 2011 Warbringer enter The Omen Room studios with producer Steve Evetts (Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan, M.O.D) to complete Worlds Torn Asunder[5]

In 2011 Warbringer began a tour with Diamond Plate, Lazarus A.D., and Landmine Marathon

In early 2012 the band went on the road as the supporting act for Symphony X and Iced Earth. WARBRINGER set to release new album IV: Empires Collapse on October 15, 2013; In studio updates and Tour Dates with Kreator & Overkill. 9/17/13 WARBRINGER launch first song off new album IV: Empires Collapse via Decibel


Miembros actuales
  • John Kevill – vocals (2004–present)
  • John Laux – guitar (2004–present)
  • Adam Carroll – guitar (2004–2012, 2013-present)
  • Alex Malmquist - bass (2015)

Miembros anteriores
  • Ryan Bates – drums (2004–2008)
  • Jeff Potts – guitar (2012)
  • Ben Bennet – bass (2008–2009)
  • Nic Ritter – drums (2008–2011)
  • Andy Laux – bass (2004–2008, 2009–2012)
  • Andrew Bennett – guitar (2012)
  • Carlos Cruz – drums (2011–2013)
  • Ben Mottsman – bass (2012)


Álbumes de estudio[editar]

Woe To The Vanquished (2017)





  • "Combat Shock (2008)
  • "At the Crack of Doom" (2008)
  • "Severed Reality" (2009)
  • "Shattered Like Glass" (2011)
  • "Future Ages Gone" (2012)
  • "Hunter-Seeker" (2013)
  • "Black Sun, Black Moon" (2013)
  Silhouettes (2017)
  Remain Violent (2017)


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