E. O. James

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El reverendo profesor Edwin Oliver James (1888 - 1972) fue un antropólogo en el campo de la religión comparada.


Fue profesor emérito de historia y filosofía de la religión en la Universidad de Londres, miembro de la University College de Londres y miembro del King's College de Londres. Durante su larga carrera, ha sido profesor de historia y filosofía de la religión en la Universidad de Leeds, profesor en la Universidad de Ámsterdam y Wilde Lecturer en la Universidad de Oxford.

E. O. James recibió su educación en el Exeter College de Oxford y en la University College de Londres, donde estudió con el famoso egiptólogo Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie.[1]


  • Evolution and the Fall (1923)
  • The Beginnings of Man (1928)
  • The Christian Faith in the Modern World. A Study in Scientific Theology
  • A History of Christianity in England
  • Christian Myth And Ritual: A Historical Study (1933)
  • Origins of Sacrifice: A Study in Comparative Religion (1933)
  • Thieves of Mercy (1934) poems
  • The Old Testament in the Light of Anthropology (1935)
  • The Origins of Religion (1937)
  • Comparative Religion: An Introductory and Historical Study (1938)
  • Primitive Belief and Ritual
  • The Social Function of Religion (1948)
  • The Concept of Deity. The Wilde Lectures (1950)
  • Marriage and Society (1952)
  • Teach Yourself History of Religions (1956)
  • Prehistoric Religion: A Study in Prehistoric Archaeology. (1957)
  • Myths and Ritual in the Ancient Near East (1958)
  • The Beginnings of Religion: An Introductory & Scientific Study (1958)
  • The Cult of the Mother Goddess: An Archaeological and Documentary Study (1959)
  • The Comparative Study of Religions of the East (Excluding Christianity and Judaism).
  • The Ancient Gods: The History and Diffusion of Religion in the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean (1960)
  • Nature and Function of Priesthood: A Comparative and Anthropological Study (1961)
  • Seasonal Feasts and Festivals (1961)
  • Sacrifice and Sacrament (1962)
  • The Worship of the Sky-God, A Comparative Study in Semitic and Indo-European Religion (1963)
  • Marriage Customs Through the Ages (1965)
  • Jerusalem: a History (1967)
  • From Cave to Cathedral : Temples and Shrines of Prehistoric, Classical and Early Christian Times (1965)
  • The Tree of Life: An Archaeological Study (1966)
  • Christianity and other religions (1968)
  • Creation and Cosmology: a historical and comparative inquiry (1969).


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