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Arthroleptis palava05.jpeg
Arthroleptis palava
Reino: Animalia
Filo: Chordata
Clase: Amphibia
Orden: Anura
Familia: Arthroleptidae
Género: Arthroleptis
Smith, 1849
Especie tipo
Arthroleptis wahlbergii
Smith, 1849

Véase texto.

  • Schoutedenella De Witte, 1921
  • Abroscaphus Laurent, 1941 "1940"
  • Coracodichus Laurent, 1941 "1940"
  • Arthroleptulus Laurent, 1941 "1940"
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Arthroleptis es un género de anfibios de la familia Arthroleptidae que habita en las zonas tropicales de África.[1]


Se reconocen las siguientes 47 según ASW:[1]

Publicación original[editar]

  • Smith, A. 1849. Illustrations of the zoology of South Africa, consisting chiefly of figures and descriptions of the objects of natural history collected during an expedition into the interior of South Africa, in the years 1834, 1835, and 1836; fitted out by "The Cape of Good Hope Association for Exploring Central Africa" : together with a summary of African zoology, and an inquiry into the geographical ranges of species in that quarter of the globe, vol.3, Appendix.


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