Vans Warped Tour Compilation 2009

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Vans Warped Tour Compilation 2009
Álbum recopilatorio de Varios artistas
Publicación 2009
Grabación 9 de junio del 2009
Género(s) Punk Rock
Punk Pop
Rock Alternativo
Discográfica Side One Dummy
Cronología de Varios Artistas
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Vans Warped Tour Compilation 2009[1]​ es el décimo cuarto álbum recopilatorio del Warped Tour.

Listado de canciones[editar]

Disco 1

Disc 1
N.º Título Escritor(es) Artist Duración
1. «Co-Dependence Day» Fat Mike NOFX 1:25
2. «Man with No Country» (from Float) Dennis Casey, Dave King, Nathen Maxwell, Bridget Regan, Bob Schmidt, George Schwindt Flogging Molly 3:04
3. «New Dark Ages» (from New Maps of Hell) Brett Gurewitz Bad Religion 2:47
4. «We Are the Involuntary» (from Lost in the Sound of Separation) Underoath Underoath 4:09
5. «I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made Of?» (from Homesick) A Day to Remember A Day to Remember 3:00
6. «I Think That the World» (from the 20th Anniversary Series) The Bouncing Souls The Bouncing Souls 3:02
7. «Weightless» (from Nothing Personal) All Time Low, Matt Squire All Time Low 3:18
8. «Be All You Can't Be» (from Good Views, Bad News) Joshua Baird, Matt Koenig, Ty Vaughn Broadway Calls 2:58
9. «Optimist (We Are Not for Them)» (from Never Better) P.O.S. P.O.S 3:00
10. «Let the Games Begin» (from Free Your Mind) Anarbor Anarbor 3:20
11. «Girls Do What They Want» (from Can't Stop, Won't Stop) The Maine The Maine 3:13
12. «Splinters» (from The Sound of Human Lives) Therefore I Am Therefore I Am 3:48
13. «Prisoner» (from Beauty Killer) Jeffree Star, God's Paparazzi Jeffree Star 3:50
14. «Come and Get It» (from Come and Get It) Obi Fernandez, Thad Merrit Westbound Train 2:54
15. «If Not for My Glasses» (from Drunk Like Bible Times) Ian Metzger, PJ Waxman, Chuckie Duff, Mark Kulvinskas, Robert Cissell Dear and the Headlights 2:50
16. «Stay Out» (from Skip School, Start Fights) Hit the Lights Hit the Lights 3:47
17. «Believe» (from Conviction) Aiden Aiden 3:09
18. «Eulogy» (from The Great Awake) The Flatliners The Flatliners 3:19
19. «What a Wicked Gang Are We» (from Somewhere in the Between) Tomas Kalnoky Streetlight Manifesto 3:23
20. «America Underwater» LoveHateHero LoveHateHero 2:53
21. «Come Around» (from Come Around) Sing it Loud Sing it Loud 3:22
22. «Shred, White and Blue» (from Someday Came Suddenly) Attack Attack! Attack Attack! 2:35
23. «Going Away» (from Here, Here and Here) Meg Frampton, Dia Frampton Meg & Dia 3:25
24. «STFUppercut» (from The Best in Town) The Blackout The Blackout 3:14
25. «I’m Going All the Way» (from What We Live For) Middle Finger Salute Middle Finger Salute 2:56

Disco 2

Disc 2
N.º Título Escritor(es) Artist Duración
1. «Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Sheep in Shepherd's Clothing)» (from The People or the Gun) Anti-Flag Anti-Flag 3:00
2. «Two Birds Stoned at Once» (from Bone Palace Ballet - Grand Coda) Craig Owens, Bradley Bell, Derrick Frost, Matthew Goddard, Jason Hale, Patrick McManaman Chiodos 2:52
3. «Sassafras» (from With Roots Above and Branches Below) Mike Hranica The Devil Wears Prada 3:15
4. «Friends in the Armed Forces» (from Common Existence) Thursday Thursday 4:10
5. «All Souls Day» Kris Roe The Ataris 3:48
6. «I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby» (from Want) Sean Foreman, Nathaniel Motte 3OH!3 3:45
7. «Born Dead» (featuring Scott Wade; from A Shipwreck in the Sand) Silverstein Silverstein 2:51
8. «The State of Florida» (from GNV FLA) Less Than Jake Less Than Jake 2:17
9. «Mama's Fried Potatoes» (from The Whole Fam Damnily) Reverend J. Peyton The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band 2:27
10. «Eva the Carrier» (from Adelphia) A Skylit Drive A Skylit Drive 3:41
11. «Hell Hath No Fury» (from Hell Hath No Fury) Liza Stefano Civet 2:25
12. «Chasing the Night» (from Shh. Just Go with It) Every Avenue Every Avenue 2:55
13. «Down for Life» Voodoo Glow Skulls 3:24
14. «Institution» (from Suiticide) Pour Habit 2:19
15. «Tree Village» (from Happiness) Dance Gavin Dance Dance Gavin Dance 3:22
16. «But the NUNS Are Watching» (from You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter) Matt Mihana, Nabil Moo I Set My Friends on Fire 3:26
17. «Welcome to Oblivion» (from Attics to Eden) Madina Lake Madina Lake 3:03
18. «A Little Faster» (from A Little Faster) There for Tomorrow, David Bendeth There for Tomorrow 3:05
19. «We Both Know» (from There Came a Lion) Jeremy Gray, Wes Hart, Dusty Kittle, Scott Socia, Robert Woodward Ivoryline 3:06
20. «Into Hell's Mouth We March» (from A New Hope) Vanna Vanna 3:01
21. «Gossip» (from Take Off Your Colours) You Me at Six You Me at Six 2:58
22. «Pessimist» (from Soho Lights) Tatiana DeMaria TAT 3:27
23. «I Created a Monster» (from Prelude to a Kill) Mike Murder, Jesco Murderland 2:25
24. «3 Bottles of Wine» (from Left Alone) Elvis Cortez Left Alone 3:30
25. «Classified» (from It's Classy, Not Classic) Breathe Carolina Breathe Carolina 3:14
26. «Fluent in Stroll» (from Fluent in Stroll) Big D and the Kids Table Big D and the Kids Table 2:49