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La familia criminal Soprano, conocida anteriormente como familia criminal DiMeo, es una familia criminal ficticia de la serie de televisión de HBO Los Soprano. Tiene su sede en Nueva Jersey y está conectada con la familia criminal de Nueva York, comandada por John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni, y la Camorra. Está basada en la verdadera familia criminal DeCavalcante, también con sede en Nueva Jersey.[1]

Estructurada en forma piramidal,[2]​ la organización se compone de un núcleo administrativo y cinco bandas (o equipos), cuyos líderes se turnaron durante la temporada o lo mencionaron en los diálogos. La historia narrada en pantalla muestra a la organización a partir de 1999, referida generalmente como la familia Soprano. Sin embargo, antes era conocida como la organización criminal DiMeo del estado de Nueva Jersey, que comenzó sus actividades en los años 1950. Las bandas que conforman los miembros de las familias varían como consecuencia de los asesinatos o el ingreso en prisión de sus miembros.



  • Tony Soprano — Jefe (2004–presente, jefe interino 1999-2004, subjefe no oficial (1999))

Capos actuales[editar]

Historial de liderazgo[editar]


  • 19??–1995 - Domenico Ercoli "Eckley" DiMeo — Jefe desde 1995, condenado a cadena perpetua.
  • 1995-1999 - Giacomo "Jackie" Aprile — Jefe (1995–1999 hasta su fallecimiento a causa de cáncer)
  • 1999-2004 - Corrado "Junior" Soprano — fue jefe desde 1999–2004, cuando fue enviado a un hospital psiquiátrico en 2006.
    • Interino 2000-2004 - Tony Soprano — sólo sirvió como jefe interino, pero de facto controlaba la organización sin la ayuda de Junior desde 1999–2004; ascendido a jefe en 2004.
  • 2004–presente - Anthony "Tony" Soprano
    • Interino 2006 - Silvio "Sil" Dante — sirvió como jefe interino durante el tiroteo de Tony en 2006.




Junior Soprano / Baccalieri[editar]

Anteriormente conocido como el equipo de Junior Soprano, pasó a denominarse equipo de Baccalieri. Se desconoce quién asumió el rol de capo tras el asesinato de "Bacala" Baccalieri. Tony nunca acepto a Bobby como uno de ellos

Organización actual[editar]
Miembros anteriores[editar]

Historial de Capos


Soprano / Gualtieri / Moltisanti[editar]

Anteriormente conocido como el equipo de Soprano, después denominado equipo de Gualtieri, y finalmente equipo de Moltisanti. Paulie se convirtió en el capo de su grupo y del de Aprile, tras la fusión de estos.

Organización actual[editar]
Miembros anteriores[editar]

Historial de Capos del equipo Soprano/Gualtieri

  • desconocido–1986 - John "Johnny Boy" Soprano — (served as capo from unknown–1986, fallecido)
  • 1986-2000 - Anthony John "Tony" Soprano — (Capo from 1986–2000, promoted to Boss; previously Soldier, unknown–1986)
  • 2000–present - Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri - (served as capo from 2000–present, promoted to Underboss, then re-assigned to reform the merger of the Soprano/Gualtieri/Moltisanti crew, and the Aprile/Gervasi crew in 2007)

History of Moltisanti crew Capos (defunct)


Territory and businesses[editar]
  • The traditional and primary income of the crew stems from bookmaking, loansharking, and extortion, as well as truck hijacking. Under the ascension of Tony Soprano to Acting Boss, more diverse and modern criminal enterprises were pursued. These include an HMO scam with Hesh Rabkin, the "pump and dump" Webistics stock scam, buying calling cards on credit through front companies and selling them at discount, and selling stolen credit card numbers.
  • The Soprano Crew are the main proprietors of the Bada Bing strip club on Route 17 in Lodi, New Jersey. Silvio Dante officially owns and manages the club.
  • Business has also been established through Satriale's Pork Store, a meat market in the North Ward that was left to "Johnny Boy" Soprano when "Old Man" Satriale, a compulsive gambler and debtor, committed suicide in the early 1970s.
  • Tony also owned the building that housed Caputo's Poultry Store in the North Ward, before selling the property to Jamba Juice in 2006.
  • Garbage routes were also considered "bread and butter" for the crew as of 1999. Up until its sale in 2006, Barone Sanitation acted as a lucrative and protective front business and handled their garbage hauling routes, which included Triborough Towers. Tony Soprano was a longtime paid consultant of Barone Sanitation until Jason Barone sold the company after his father, Dick Barone's death. Tony still receives a salary from the company (until 2016) and netted 12% of the sale price.
  • Tony and Silvio also run the Executive Card Game, a high-stakes poker game once run by Johnny and Junior Soprano until Tony took over as Acting Boss in 2000 and seized most of Junior Soprano's businesses.
  • Christopher Moltisanti was the silent partner of the Crazy Horse nightclub, once run by his fiancée Adriana La Cerva. Furio Giunta was a partner until he fled to Italy.
  • The crew's relationship with the Vittorio/Zucca Camorra family in Naples allowed for the smuggling of stolen cars to Italy in return for money and free use of Neapolitan enforcers, notably Furio Giunta. This business was formerly run by the Junior Soprano crew until 2000.
  • Bonpensiero also ran an auto body shop before his death, now operated by his widow Angie and brother Duke, though the family still does business through the body shop and Angie works as a loan shark for Tony.
  • After becoming a made man in 2001, Christopher was given a betting shop, managed by Warren Dupree, to run with a minimum $6,000/week kick up to Paulie. This betting shop likely belonged to Pussy Bompensiero until his execution and Paulie until Christopher became a made man.
  • The crew had an interest in Massarone Construction until 2004 when its owner, Jack Massarone, became a government informant and subsequently killed.
  • The crew has run the Feast of St. Elzear (a three-day festival with rides, vendors and a procession) for profit since the 1950s. Paulie Gualtieri took this part of the crew's business with him when he was promoted.

Aprile / Cestone / Cifaretto / Spatafore / Gervasi / Gualtieri crew[editar]

The Cifaretto crew, formerly the Aprile crew, was known as the most profitable crew in the Soprano/DiMeo family. The Gervasi crew was formerly the Altieri crew. After the death of capos Ralph Cifaretto and Vito Spatafore, the Altieri and Aprile crews were combined under the leadership of Carlo Gervasi. In the series finale, Paulie Gualtieri was re-assigned as Capo of this crew. Leadership of this crew, in recent years, has come to be seen as a "cursed" position, due to the ill fortune that has befallen most of its capos.

Current organization[editar]
  • Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri — Capo 2007–present; served as capo from 2000–present of the Soprano/Gualtieri crew, promoted to Underboss, then re-assigned to reform the merger of the Soprano/Gualtieri/Moltisanti crew, and the Gervasi/Aprile crew in 2007.
Former members[editar]

History of Aprile crew Capos

Aprile crew Soldiers/Associates

Former members[editar]

History of Gervasi crew Capos (defunct)

  • 1995-1999 - Jimmy Altieri (Capo from 1995–1999, FBI Informant, fallecido)
  • 1999-2007 - Carlo Gervasi (1999–2007, in 2006 Crew is merged with the Aprile crew; in 2007 FBI Informant, current status unknown, possibly in Witness Protection Program)

Gervasi crew Soldiers/Associates

Territory and businesses (Cifaretto)[editar]
  • Since at least the leadership of Jackie Aprile, Sr., the crew has had the biggest interests in construction, via illicit control of unions and projects in co-operation with the Lupertazzi Family; this became most lucrative under the leadership of Ralph Cifaretto, who supervised the New Jersey Front Esplanade construction project and the HUD scam, and his successor Vito Spatafore. This had made them the most consistently profitable crew of the whole family. However, since Vito's disappearance and subsequent death in 2006, the Gervasi crew had been granted control of all future construction interests.
  • Ownership and operation of Spatafore Construction, Fernandez Paving, and Aprile Roofing.
  • Significant income also came from various garbage routes throughout New Jersey, operated by Zanone Bros. Trucking. Richie Aprile at one point used them for cocaine distribution.
  • The Cifaretto Crew also has business in some minor pizza joints throughout New Jersey.
  • Richie Aprile and Ralph Cifaretto both sponsored mid-level poker games. Eugene Pontecervo also ran a poker game which was robbed by Jackie Jr. in 2001.
  • The Altieri control of North Jersey ports was transferred to the Aprile crew when the Aprile and Altier crews were combined in 2006.
  • Until the death of Eugene Pontecervo in late 2005, the Cifaretto crew ran a sports book in Roseville. This had since been given to Bobby Bacala.
Territory and businesses (Gervasi)[editar]
  • The Gervasi crew runs all operations around the New Jersey ports, controlling overseas shipments and business.
  • With the death of Aprile Crew Capo Vito Spatafore in 2006, Carlo Gervasi was given control of the Aprile's construction interests.
  • The Gervasi crew owns the casino on Bloomfield Avenue, once run by associate Tony Blundetto until his death.
  • Pornography production

Barese crew[editar]

The Barese crew is known for its large crew of made men. Although it's the biggest crew in the family, very few members are actually seen or named on the show. Larry Barese's brother Albert took over the crew since his incarceration and has been running it ever since.

Current organization[editar]
Former members[editar]
Territory and businesses[editar]
  • A percentage of Barese crew profits come from drug trafficking.
  • The Barese Crew is also involved in waste management, and in 2000 they were involved in a brief conflict with the Aprile crew over territory that resulted in several fires.
  • The Bareses were also involved in calling card and stock scams up until Larry Boy's arrest; these were later replicated by the Soprano/Gualtieri crew.

Curto crew[editar]

It is currently unknown of who took over the Curto crew after the passing of its Capo, Raymond Curto.

La Manna crew (defunct)[editar]

Territory and businesses[editar]
  • Feech La Manna once ran a high stakes card game, which was famously held up by Jackie Aprile and Tony Soprano.
  • Legitimate interests included a La Manna Landscaping—a gardening company run by his nephew Gary—and the La Manna bakery, run by Feech himself.

Miscellaneous members[editar]

Unofficial associates[editar]

Front operators[editar]


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