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* Shotwell J. A., Bowen R. G., Gray W. L., Gregory D. C., Taylor D. W. & Russell D. W. 1963. — The Juntura Basin: studies in earth history and paleoecology. ''Transactions of the American Philosophical Society'' 53: 1-77.
* Baskin J. A. 2005. — Carnivora from the late Miocene Love Bone Bed of Florida. ''Bulletin of Florida Museum of Natural History'' 45: 413-434.
* Tseng Z. J., O’Connor J. K., Wang X. & Prothero D. R. 2009. — The first Old World occurrence of the North American mustelid ''Sthenictis'' (Mammalia, Carnivora). ''Geodiversitas'' 31 (4) : 743-751.
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