Avenida Connecticut

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Connecticut Avenue
Washington D. C.Bandera de Estados Unidos Estados Unidos
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Vista de la avenida Connecticut
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Intersecciones Puente Taft
Puntos de interés Universidad del Distrito de Columbia, Casa Blanca, Zoológico Nacional Smithsonian
 • Norte Casa Blanca/Parque del Presidente, Calle K
 • Sur MD Route 185.svg SR 185
Cruces Maryland Route 185
Ubicación 38°58′07″N 77°04′38″O / 38.9686, -77.0772Coordenadas: 38°58′07″N 77°04′38″O / 38.9686, -77.0772

La avenida Connecticut o Connecticut Avenue es una principal calles del Cuadrante Noroeste de Washington D. C., y el condado de Montgomery, Maryland. Es una de las avenidas diagonales radiales de la Casa Blanca, y la sección sur de la avenida Florida fue una de las calles originales en el plan de Pierre (Peter) Charles L'Enfant's para las calles de Washington.[1]


Las siguientes rutas del Metrobus a lo largo de la avenida Connecticut:

  • 42 (Columbia Road to Farragut Square)
  • N2, N4, N6 (sentido sur, desde Dupont Circle a Farragut Square)
  • L1, L4 (Chevy Chase Circle a Dupont Circle)
  • L2 (Chevy Chase Circle a Calvert St., cruzando en Dupont Circle)
  • H2 (Van Ness St. a Porter St.)
  • L8 (Aspen Hill a Friendship Heights)
  • L7 (Wheaton Station a Friendship Heights)

Ride On[editar]

Las siguientes rutas del Ride On pasan a lo largo de la avenida Connecticut:

  • 1, 11 (East West Highway a Chevy Chase Circle)
  • 34 (Bel Pre Rd. a Veirs Mill Rd., y University Blvd. a Knowles Ave.)
  • 41 (Bel Pre Rd. aWeller Rd.)

Tren MARC[editar]

Las siguientes paradas del Tren MARC colindan con la calle:


  1. L'Enfant identified himself as "Peter Charles L'Enfant" during most of his life, while residing in the United States. He wrote this name on his "Plan of the city intended for the permanent seat of the government of t(he) United States ...." (Washington, D.C.) and on other legal documents. However, during the early 1900's, a French ambassador to the U.S., Jean Jules Jusserand, popularized the use of L'Enfant's birth name, "Pierre Charles L'Enfant". (Reference: Bowling, Kenneth R (2002). Peter Charles L'Enfant: vision, honor, and male friendship in the early American Republic. George Washington University, Washington, D.C. ISBN 978-0-9727611-0-9). The United States Code states in lex.com/vid/19241289 40 U.S.C. 3309: "(a) In General.—The purposes of this chapter shall be carried out in the District of Columbia as nearly as may be practicable in harmony with the plan of Peter Charles L'Enfant." The National Park Service identifies L'Enfant as Major Peter Charles L'Enfant and as Major Pierre (Peter) Charles L'Enfant on its website.

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