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Videoclips Musicales[editar]

Año Título Álbum Director
1987 "The Loco-Motion" Kylie Chris Langham
1987 "I Should Be So Lucky" Kylie Chris Langham
1988 "Got To Be Certain" Kylie Chris Langham
1988 "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi" Kylie Chris Langham
1988 "Made in Heaven" Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (Sencillo) Chris Langham
1988 "Especially For You" (con Jason Donovan) Ten Good Reasons Chris Langham
1988 "It's No Secret" Kylie Chris Langham
1988 "Turn It Into Love" Kylie (Sin información)
1989 "Hand On Your Heart" Enjoy Yourself Chris Langham
1989 "Wouldn't Change a Thing" Enjoy Yourself Pete Cornish
1989 "Never Too Late" Enjoy Yourself Pete Cornish
1989 "Tears On My Pillow" Enjoy Yourself Pete Cornish
Año Título Álbum Director
1990 "Better the Devil You Know" Rhythm of Love Paul Goldman
1990 "Step Back In Time" Rhythm of Love Nick Egan
1991 "What Do I Have to Do?" Rhythm of Love Dave Hogan
1991 "Shocked (DNA Mix)" (con Jazzy P) Rhythm of Love Dave Hogan
1991 "Word is Out" Let's Get To It James LeBon
1991 "If You Were With Me Now" (con Keith Washington) Let's Get To It Greg Masuak
1992 "Give Me Just A Little More Time" Let's Get To It Greg Masuak
1992 "Finer Feelings" Let's Get To It Dave Hogan
1992 "What kind of fool (heard all that before)" Greatest Hits Greg Masuak
1992 "Celebration" Greatest hits Greg Masuak
1994 "Confide In Me" Kylie Minogue Paul Boyd
1994 "Put Yourself In My Place" Kylie Minogue Keir McFarlane
1995 "Where Is The Feeling?" Kylie Minogue Keir McFarlane
1995 "Where the wild roses grow" (con Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) Murder Ballads Rocky Schenck
1997 "Some Kind Of Bliss" Impossible Princess David Mould
1997 "Did it again" Impossible Princess Pedro Romhanyi
1998 "Breathe" Impossible Princess Kieran Evans
1998 "GBI: German Bold Italic" Sound Museum Stéphane Sednaoui
Año Título Álbum Director
2000 "Spinning Around" Light Years Dawn Shadforth
2000 "On a Night Like This" Light Years Douglas Avery
2000 "Kids" (con Robbie Williams) Light Years Simon Hilton
2000 "Please Stay" Light Years James Frost and Alex Smith
2001 "Your Disco Needs You" Light Years Todd Cole
2001 "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" Fever Dawn Shadforth
2002 "In Your Eyes" Fever Dawn Shadforth
2002 "Love At First Sight" Fever Johan Renck
2002 "Come Into My World" Fever Michel Gondry
2003 "Slow" Body Language Baillie Walsh
2004 "Red Blooded Woman" Body Language Jake Nava
2004 "Chocolate" Body Language Dawn Shadforth
2004 "I Believe in You" Ultimate Kylie Vernie Veung
2005 "Giving You Up" Ultimate Kylie Alex and Martin
2007 "2 Hearts" X Dawn Shadforth
2008 "Wow" X Melina Matsoukas
2008 "In My Arms" X Melina Matsoukas
2008 "All I See" X William Baker
2008 "The One" X Ben Ib
Año Título Álbum Director
2010 "All The Lovers" Aphrodite Joseph Kahn
2010 "Get Outta My Way" Aphrodite AlexandLiane
2010 "Better than Today" Aphrodite William Baker, Kylie Minogue
2011 "Higher" (con Taio Cruz) The Rokstarr Collection Toben Seymour
2011 "Santa Baby" A Kylie Christmas Alasdair McLellan
2012 "Timebomb" N/A Christian Larson
2012 "Flower" The Abbey Road Sessions Kylie Minogue
2013 "Limpido" (con Laura Pausini) 20 - The Greatest Hits Gaetano Morbioli
2014 "Into The Blue" Kiss Me Once Dawn Shadforth
2014 "Sexercize" Kiss Me Once Roman Coppola, Will Davidson
2014 "I Was Gonna Cancel" Kiss Me Once Dimitri Basil
2014 "Crystallize" N/A Alice Moitié
2015 "Right Here, Right Now" (con Giorgio Moroder) Déjà Vu Daniel Börjesson
2015 "Absolutely Anything and Anything At All" Absolutely Anything Bill Jones, Ben Timlett
2015 "Black and White" (con Fernando Garibay y Shaggy) Kylie + Garibay Katerina Jebb
2015 "The Other Boys" (con Nervo, Jake Shears y Nile Rodgers) Collateral
2015 "Every Day's Like Christmas" Kylie Christmas David Lopez-Edwards
2018 "Dancing" Golden Sophie Muller
2018 "Stop Me from Falling" Golden Colin Solal Cardo
2018 "Stop Me from Falling" (con Gente de Zona) Golden Sophie Muller
2018 "Golden" Golden Sophie Muller