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Bienvenido. Welcome. Yokooso. -- Youssefsan 12:41 28 jun, 2003 (UTC)

About bots[editar]

Hi Andre, thanks for your answer, but I think you gave me that answer about a month ago. Thanks anyway. --Ascánder 23:27 30 ene, 2005 (CET)


I'm sorry, but could you please undo the trasladation of name back from About you now (Sugababes) to About you now (canción) wich is how we name in the spanish wiki. We never use the band's name. We always use (song), (canción in spanish). Thanks for your comprehension. Billy mensajes 22:02 22 abr 2009 (UTC)

No, I can't, for two reasons:
  1. I moved it from About You Know to About you now (Sugababes), so if I undid it, it would not go back to About you now (canción)
  2. You have already done the move yourself, so it would be useless for me to do it again.
- Andre Engels (discusión) 11:09 23 abr 2009 (UTC)