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Puedo leer y entender algo de español, pero yo no lo escriben con fluidez, así que por favor, esperar a una versión en español de esta página. Para la información sobre mí, si puedes leer italiano, por favor, consulte it:Dario de Judicibus


I have a Laurea degree in Physics obtained in 1984, and joined IBM in 1986, where I worked as a consultant. Currently, I am the CEO of a company owning a school of cinema and an agency of production, Roma Film srl. I am an expert of problem solving and decision taking methodologies. After a period that I dedicated to researches in software reuse and object-oriented programming, I began to work on knowledge management, being a pioneer in Italy. I am now focused on social networking and web 2.0.

I can read Spanish but I am not good to write in Spanish language. I am interested to whatever deals with Italy and Italian culture. I will mostly edit articles about Italy, but if I have time, I will write some article about Information Technologies, Knowledge Management and Web 2.0. I will ask someone to translate to Spanish, to ensure there will be no many errors in it. I will also translate soem article about modern Italian artists since most foreign people knows only the old ones.

I am also a writer (novels and essays) and a freelance journalist. I am also the president of an association that works for the right of children to maintain a stable relationships with both parents in case of divorce. In Italy we have not a good law as the French or German one, so most of children of divorced parents are given only to the mother and most fathers cannot even see them. We had more than 300 suicides in the last few years for that.

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