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Configuración de popups de navegación (opcional)[editar]

Changing the appearance of your popups[editar]

By editing your user CSS file, you can change the appearance of the popups. Your user CSS file has exactly the same name as the javascript file, but with "css" instead of "js" at the end. So you should edit your current skin's .css page.

Here is an example which gives an orange-flavoured popup with a border and changes the font used. This makes the popups look pretty silly, but it shows the sort of thing you can do if you feel like it.

.navpopup { 
  background-color: #FFBE20  !important;
  font-family:      serif    !important;
  color:            #404     !important;
  font-size:        medium   !important;


There are some options that you can set. To do so, edit your user javascript file and add a line of the form

window.option = value;

where option and value are chosen from the tables below.

For example, to turn on extensive menus, you need to add something like this in your javascript file:

window.popupStructure = 'menus';

And to turn on admin links, you need to add something like this in your javascript file:

window.popupAdminLinks = true;

More options may be added, and requests for more configurability are welcome.

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