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Página en Meta-Wiki[editar]

Vídeos de ayuda[editar]

  Iniciar artículo en el espacio de usuario
  Buscar un artículo iniciado
  Trasladar un artículo terminado al espacio principal


  Añadir fondo resaltado

Preparar un editatón
  Elaborar la lista de artículos para el editatón dentro de la página de taller
  Configurar las plantillas de artículos que faltan en la lista para el editatón
  Editar (más) una plantilla de artículo de la lista
  Hacer visible la lista para el editatón (temporalmente)


  Eliminar la lista del editatón de la página de taller
  Mejorar la lista con plantillas de artículo que faltan


{{ usuario taller+                     }}
{{ usuario taller+ | lib = Editathon_X }} - indicar lista de plantillas de artículo para editatón
{{ usuario taller+ | no_sandbox  = yes }} - comenzar a escribir directamente en el espacio del artículo
{{ usuario taller+ | no_main_lib = yes }} - omitir la lista de plantillas de artículos
{{ usuario taller+ | code        = yes }} - comenzar página en modo de edición de wikitexto 
{{ usuario taller+ | empty       = yes }} - comenzar con una página en blanco (en lugar de artículo genérico)
{{ usuario taller+ | custom      = yes }} - habilitar plantillas de artículo personalizadas del usuario


{{ usuario taller+ | lib = Medicine | no_sandbox = yes }}

Páginas del proyecto[editar]

Plantilla Detalle
Usuario taller+
Plantilla:Usuario taller+
(plantilla:usuario taller+)
base template that detects space (i.e. main / user / user sub-sandbox), edit mode or not, and page creation origin space, and adapts functionality
  • in central sandbox of user it displays a list of sub-sandboxes of the user and gives the option to click'n'create sub-sandboxes
  • in a user sub-sandbox it gives the option to foolproof click'n'move the sandmoxed page to article space
  • in main (article) space
    • it hides itself if the host pages was originally created in user space
    • it displays in creation messagebox if the page was started directly in main space
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/doc
(plantilla:usuario taller+/doc)
documentación de la plantilla
Template:Usuario taller+/precarga default page content for creation of user's main sandbox
Template:Usuario taller+/crear handles new page creation centrally
  • embedds help
  • adapts creation mode and functionality according to parameters given
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/instrucciones página nueva (ve) instrucciones durante la creación de la página, para VE
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/instrucciones página nueva (ce) instrucciones durante la creación de la página, para CE
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/vaciar página instructions to hide a sub-sandbox form central sandbox list
  • is enabled inside a sub-sandbox
  • it should be replaced by a button that makes the page a redirect, putting text on its top, using prependtext as wiki code editing is not user friendly for newbies or non-computer-literate
  • better yet, if movind a page from other spaces to user space was forbidden for non admins, sandbox (and only sandbox) page delete might be good to be allowed in user space
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/trasladar al espacio principal foolproof move of a user sandbox to main (article) space
  • is enabled inside a sub-sandbox
  • after move, the page is not displayed any more in the user's central sandbox list
  • leaves a redirect behind - moving a page from user space to other spaces should have the option not to leave a redirect behind
article templates
Template:Article templates/group
Template:Article templates/create page creation from library of article templates
  • if page template does not exist (is only declared) it prompts for its creation first
  • also prompts for help page creation of article template, to provide support for delayed substitution
  • merge of two templates
Template:Article templates/preload preload for article templates generation (preloads for article types)
Template:Article templates/empty page preload for creating an empty page
Template:Article templates/generic article preload for creating a generic article
Template:Article templates/generic article (codeedit) preload for creating a generic article in code editor
Template:Article templates/libraries/preload preload for libraries generation
Template:Article templates/libraries/main main library
Template:Article templates/libraries/user palette preload preload for generating user custom palette of article templates
Template:Article templates/libraries/user available list displays list of available templates to be used in user's palette

includes user's custom page templates.

Template:Collapse-mobile collapsible functionality, original from meta, without show/hide that diplays well in mobiles, even if always expanded
Template:Help-collapsible collapsible help functionality, supporting nested help levels
Template:Smallbox-mobile tiny message box, for inline use, that does not hide in mobile view
Template:Invisible smallbox-mobile, which is only visible in user space
  • used to display inline messages while the page is still a sandbox, i.e. end of article, so newbies do not modify functional section headers (i.e. References) to use as content section headers.
Ayuda visual
Template:Key press library to display keyboards buttons and combinations
Template:Visual edit library for displaying visual elements for help. not optically optimized (i.e. exact colors)
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/Botón pestaña
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/Botón azul
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/Botón blanco
Plantilla:Usuario taller+/hoverhighlight.js contains .js code for hover highlighting support
  • used as preload for user's common.js (creation link resides in bottom of help)
useful mediawiki pages
MediaWiki:Sandboxlink-preload-pagename select default sandbox while creating user's sabdbox.
  • if page content = Template:Usuario taller+/precarga then user sandbox+ becomes the default user's sandbox.
  • options for selecting sandbox type can be provided inside for future reference
MediaWiki:Sandboxlink-editintro-pagename message to display while user's sandbox is being created.
MediaWiki:Sandboxlink-editnotice-pagename message to display while user's sandbox is being edited.
  • options for selecting sandbox type can be provided for reference.
Template:User sandbox+/translations
Template:Article templates

Hover highlighting support: add to Mediawiki:Common.js[editar]

$('.hover-bgc').hover( function() {
    $(this).attr("data-hover-bgc-original", $(this).css("background-color"));
    var parentSpec = $(this).parent('.hover-bgc-parent').attr('data-hover-bgc-child');
    var newColor = ((typeof parentSpec !== typeof undefined) && (parentSpec !== false)) ? parentSpec : $(this).attr('data-hover-bgc');
    $(this).css({ "background-color" : newColor});
}, function() {
    $(this).css({ "background-color" : $(this).attr('data-hover-bgc-original') });

Template:Article templates/libraries/XXXX[editar]

Template:Article templates/XXXX[editar]