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This is a general purpose template for the "Introduction to x" tutorial series. Using this template ensures consistent formatting for all pages in the series. Similarly, editing this template controls the formatting of all pages in the series. This is a single-pane version of the formatting used in the {{intro to}} templates.

{{Intro to single
| title = 
| lead = 
| top = 
| leftimg = 
| left1 = 
| left2 = 
| rightimg = 
| right1 = 
| right2 = 
| arrow = 
| arrowheight = 
| bottom = 
Name Allowed values Default value Function & notes
title text (optional) main title for page
lead text (optional) first section, appears in light grey area
top text (optional) second section, appears in main (white) area
leftimg image (optional) image to appear at top of left section
left1 text (optional) text header at top of left panel
left2 text (optional) list of links for left panel
rightimg image (optional) image to appear at top of right section
right1 text (optional) text header at top of right panel
right2 text (optional) list of links for right panel
bottom text (optional) text and links to appear at base of main section
align plain text (optional,
default to center)
alignment of top
arrow plain text (optional,
default to not shown)
show arrow using |arrow=show|
arrowheight integer (optional,
default to 350px)
sets height of arrow

Additional requirements

/#: Each page in the series should be saved as a numbered subpage, e.g. Help:Introduction_to_x/1. The template automatically links to the next numbered subpage. If the next numbered subpage doesn't exist, it links back to Help:Getting started

/tabs: You must also create a /tabs page to contain the information for the left hand tab bar (See Template:Intro to/tabs for details)

/base: You may additionally create a /base page to contain a consistent bottom section to be shown on all pages in the series (See Template:Intro to/base for details)

See also

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