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Quizás quisiste decir: boundary laser transición
  • on Transition at Supersonic Speeds (NASA TN D-634), NASA Langley Research Center Jackson, Mary W.; Czarnecki, K. R. (julio 1961), Boundary-Layer Transition
    13 kB (1572 palabras) - 22:35 22 oct 2020
  • D" Layer: Impacts of the Post Perovskite Phase». En Kei Hirose; John Brodholt; Thome Lay, eds. Post-Perovskite: The Last Mantle Phase Transition. American
    9 kB (1021 palabras) - 06:34 7 jul 2020
  • trabajos de prensa. "Turbulence and the Boundary Layer", Wright Brothers Lecture, 1938. "The Role of Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow in Fluid
    10 kB (1323 palabras) - 10:53 23 jun 2020
  • Rojas-Consuegra, R. Tada, H. Takayama, S. Kiyokawa (2000) The K/T Boundary Impact layer in Cuba: Update of an International Project. Abstract of the Intern
    43 kB (6439 palabras) - 12:41 4 ago 2020
  • septiembre de 2011. «We point out that in fact this stratum is an old literary layer in Minnan dialects. We find it also exists in Hakka-gan dialects, the Hangzhou
    87 kB (8596 palabras) - 09:02 10 oct 2019

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