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This article fails to mention an important feature of Google/Panoramio's photo-sharing service: the so-called Panoramio Widget API (Application Programming Interface), which makes all the photos uploaded to Panoramio available to any website that wants to use them—for commercial purpose or not.(1) Most websites that use this feature are touristic and commercial in nature. According to the API's terms of usage, the websites cannot make copies of the photos and they cannot store these photos on their own servers. The photos obtained through the API must be linked to their respective page in Panoramio, and the name of the photographer must be mentioned and linked to his/her collection in Panoramio.(2) Photographers do not get any royalties. In this respect, "sharing" is in effect synonymous with "giving away for free." Many people do not seem to be aware that, when they join Panoramio, they must agree to Google and Panoramio's Terms of Services (TOS), which include the agreement that their photos may be used through the API by external websites.(3) This is not a problem, of course, as long as users remain vigilant, make the effort to read the TOS before signing up to the service, and indeed agree with these terms with the understanding that when they post their photos in any of Google's services, they relinquish their "rights" and "control" over their work, and they give Google "licence for it," and Google does not have to "pay for it."

What is problematic, however, is what happens to the photos when users decide to quit the service. This is a serious problem that should be mentioned in the article also. First of all, there is no functionality to quit by yourself. Users must ask Panoramio to delete their account via email.(4) Panoramio is fairly diligent with this. Within a day or two, users receive confirmation that their account and their photos have been removed. In Panoramio's view, however, "removed" does not mean "deleted." After the confirmation email, sure enough "deleted" accounts and photos are not accessible anymore, but it is not evident at all that the photos have been removed and deleted from Google/Panoramio's servers. In fact, they have not been removed. Indeed, weeks and even months after requests for account deletions, photos continue to appear in the websites that got them through the API. The only difference is that the links to the photos and to the user names take you to pages that say, "Photo Not Found–Photo with id xxxx has been deleted" and "User Not Found—There is no user with id xxxxx."

In other words, although an account has been removed/deleted, the photos remain on the Google/Panoramio servers, and they continue to be used without the user's consent by the website that obtained them through the API.(5) This is a problem that remains uncorrected despite several attempts by myself and other ex-users to alert Gerard Sanz, the current manager, about it. This, in effect, is an appropriation of goods on the part of Google/Panoramio. It is a behavior of dubious ethical value that should be mentioned in the article, unless the article is actually an advertisement for Panoramio. (discusión) 14:02 28 nov 2010 (UTC)Nicolas Mertens81.38.255.107 (discusión) 14:02 28 nov 2010 (UTC)

(1) See http://www.panoramio.com/api/widget/api.html

(2) See "Conditions of Use" at http://www.panoramio.com/api/widget/api.html, and "Panoramio Widget API Terms of Service" at http://www.panoramio.com/api/widget/terms.html

(3) For Google TOS, see http://www.google.com/accounts/TOS; for Panoramio TOS, see http://www.panoramio.com/terms/

(4) See http://www.panoramio.com/help/username_password

(5) I would say that when users quit the service, they are no longer bound to the TOS and their consent about the usage of their work is revoked.

¿Qué hace esa foto ahí?[editar]

No entiendo por que se pone esa foto en la introducción, aunque sean lo creadores, se debe especificar.

¿Qué tipo de licencia?[editar]

Eso mismo, me gustaría saber el tipo de licencia de las fotos de lugares subidas en Panoramio y si son compatible con wikimedia commons.--Inri (discusión) 01:07 5 ene 2012 (UTC)

Criticas: sin referencia y subjetivas[editar]

El apartado "criticas" de este artículo es una falta de respeto. Las imágenes de baja calidad, el posicionamiento incorrecto, etc. ocurre en muy pocos casos, ya que los usuarios son responsables en cuanto al contenido que comparten, puede haber casos, pero no es algo común. Los "estándares en titulos de imagenes" es absurdo, ya que las imagenes hablan por si solas y al ser una comunidad global donde se comparte principalmente la cultura de los lugares que se fotografían, "Estandarizar" los títulos sería ridiculo.

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Habría que indicar en la ficha la fecha de cierre. Gracias.