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DMCA Takedown[editar]

Hi everyone, in compliance with the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and at the instruction of Wikimedia Foundation's legal counsel, I have removed a link in the Bibliografía section. Please do not re-add. If you have valid grounds for a counter-claim under the DMCA, please contact me. The takedown can be read (in English) here. Thanks!

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Hola a todos, de conformidad con las disposiciones de la Digital Millennium Copyright Act, y en la instrucción de los asesores legales de la Fundación Wikimedia, he quitado un enlace en la sección de Bibliografía. Por favor, no vuelva a agregar. Si usted tiene una justificación válida para una contra-demanda en virtud de la DMCA, por favor contacto mí. El desmontaje se puede leer (en Inglés) aquí. Gracias! Christine (WMF) (discusión) 20:52 7 mar 2011 (UTC)

I am certain the objection is not to mentioning the existence of the book in the Bibliografía section, but the fact that the {{cita libro}} had a url= field linking to a pirate site having a pdf file of the copyrighted work. Taking out the complete reference is overkill; all that is needed is to remove the url= field. Lambiam (discusión) 23:14 15 mar 2011 (UTC)
In retrospect, you're probably right. In order to maintain our Safe Harbor status and comply with the provisions of the DMCA, we are obligated to comply with requests from copyright holders. In this case, it was requested that we remove the content, and we did so... though probably with a bit of overkill. Christine (WMF) (discusión) 02:09 16 mar 2011 (UTC)
Unlike what the notice suggested, the Wikimedia website does and did not store the copyrighted work, and you can't remove infringing material from your website if it isn't stored there. Since we did not store infringing material, there was no real risk to the Safe Harbor status. Lambiam (discusión) 02:49 16 mar 2011 (UTC)