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I am sorry I cannot write this in Spanish - I can read it but not write it properly. "Bundesliga" is not just the primera división of German football - the first division is the "1. Bundeliga", the second division is the "2. Bundesliga". So a team can play on Bundesliga-level without acutally being in the top division - Alemmania Aachen, for example, is in the Bundesliga too, but they're only in the 2. Bundesliga. It doesn't seem to me as if that was clear from this article.

Greetings from Germany!

I already modified a little, what do you think?

The article should still be named "Bundesliga" (withouth the 1.) just like in the english version in my opinion. Langosta 05:10 3 ago 2006 (CEST)

la Bundesliga existe desde 1963, no 1903.--Tresckow 03:37 7 abr 2007 (CEST)