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Información general
Álbumes de estudio 19
Álbumes en directo 4
Sólo compositor 4

Desde 1973, el músico, compositor e improvisador inglés Fred Frith (1949-) ha aparecido en más de 400 álbumes, ya sea como líder, miembro de una banda, compositor, invitado o productor.

En solitario[editar]

Año Título Sello Nota
1974 Guitar Solos Caroline
1980 Gravity Ralph
1981 Speechless Ralph
1982 Live in Japan Recommended Primer álbum en vivo
1983 Cheap at Half the Price Ralph
1988 The Technology of Tears RecRec Music For Dance #1
1994 Quartets RecRec
1996 Allies RecRec Music For Dance #2
1997 Eye to Ear Tzadik
1997 The Previous Evening Recommended Music For Dance #3
1999 Stone, Brick, Glass, Wood, Wire (Graphic Scores 1986–1996) I Dischi di Angelica En vivo 1992-95
2001 Clearing Tzadik
2002 Prints: Snapshots, Postcards, Messages and Miniatures, 1987–2001 Fred
2002 Accidental Fred Music For Dance #4
2004 Eye to Ear II Tzadik
2005 Eleventh Hour Winter & Winter
2006 The Happy End Problem Fred Music For Dance #5
2008 To Sail, to Sail Tzadik
2009 Nowhere, Sideshow, Thin Air Fred Music For Dance #6
2009 Impur II Fred En vivo 1997
2010 Eye to Ear III Tzadik
2011 Clearing Customs Intakt

Sólo como compositor[editar]

Álbumes acreditados a Fred Frith, en los que no toca ningún instrumento, participando como director y productor.

Año Título Sello Nota
1998 Pacifica Tzadik
2002 Freedom in Fragments Tzadik
2006 Impur Fred En vivo 1996
2008 Back to Life Tzadik

Compositor invitado[editar]

Año Título Sello Nota
1998 Rova Saxophone Quartet - Bingo Victo Incluye "Water Under the Bridge"
Información general
Colaboraciones 50


Muchos de estos álbumes son improvisaciones en vivo.

Año Título Sello Nota
1979 With Friends Like These Metalanguage con Henry Kaiser
1982 Voice of America Rift con Bob Ostertag y Phil Minton
1982 Live at Loft Shinjuku Tokyo Japan 23.July'81 CT Floor con Totsuzen Danball
1983 Who Needs Enemies? Metalanguage con Henry Kaiser
1983 Live in Prague and Washington Recommended con Chris Cutler.
1983 French Gigs AAA con Lol Coxhill.
1987 Nous Autres Les Disques Victo con René Lussier.
1991 Dropera RecRec con Ferdinand Richard.
1992 Live Improvisations Woof con Tim Hodgkinson.
1992 Helter Skelter RecRec con François-Michel Pesenti
1994 Live in Trondheim, Berlin, Limoges Recommended con Chris Cutler.
1994 Subsonic 1. Sounds of a Distant Episode Sub Rosa/Subsonic con Marc Ribot
1995 The Art of Memory Incus con John Zorn.
1997 En Public aux Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers Transes Europeennes con Jean-Pierre Drouet.
1998 Meridiem Materiali Sonori con Percy Howard, Charles Hayward y Bill Laswell
2000 2 Gentlemen in Verona Recommended con Chris Cutler.
2000 Traffic Continues Winter & Winter con Ensemble Modern
2000 Later... Les Disques Victo con Mark Dresser y Ikue Mori
2002 Whisperings RecRec con Michel Wintsch, Franziska Baumann y Bernard Trontin
2002 Dearness Spool con Anne Bourne y John Oswald.
2002 All is Bright, But it is Not Day Ambiances Magnétiques con Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay y Myles Boisen
2003 Soshin Ambiances Magnétiques con Derek Bailey y Antoine Berthiaume
2003 Tempted to Smile Spool con Joëlle Léandre y Jonathan Segel
2003 Dalaba Frith Glick Rieman Kihlstedt Accretions Records con Leslie Dalaba, Eric Glick Rieman y Carla Kihlstedt
2004 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 5 Tzadik con John Zorn.
2004 What Leave Behind S.K con Toychestra
2005 The Compass, Log and Lead Intakt con Carla Kihlstedt y Stevie Wishart
2005 Electric Ascension Atavistic con Rova::Orchestrova
2006 Duo (Victoriaville) Les Disques Victo con Anthony Braxton
2006 Ironic Universe Ad Hoc con Janet Feder
2007 The Stone: Issue Two Tzadik con Chris Cutler.
2007 Cutter Heads Intakt con Chris Brown
2007 Reasons for Moving Not Two con Darren Johnston, Devin Hoff, Larry Ochs y Ches Smith
2007 The Sugar Factory Tzadik con Evelyn Glennie
2008 The Art of Memory II Fred con John Zorn.
2008 Drift Poise con Sonargemeinschaft (Sonar Community)
2008 Pas de Deux Ambiances Magnétiques con Danielle Roger
2009 Still Urban Intakt con ARTE Quartett
2009 The Big Picture Intakt con ARTE Quartett
2010 Late Works Tzadik con John Zorn.
2010 Golden State Recommended con Chris Cutler y Thomas Dimuzio
2011 Long as in Short, Walk as in Run Ninth World con Annie Lewandowski
2011 Contretemps etc ... In Situ con Jean-Pierre Drouet y Louis Sclavis
2012 MMM Quartet – Live at the Metz' Arsenal Leo con Joëlle Léandre, Alvin Curran y Urs Leimgruber
2014 Fred Frith Michel Doneda Vand'Œuvre con Michel Doneda
2014 Backscatter Bright Blue Intakt con Barry Guy
2014 Edge of the Light Intakt con Lotte Anker
2014 The Natural Order Northern Spy con John Butcher
2015 It Rolls Intakt con Katharina Weber y Fredy Studer
2015 Angels on the Edge of Time Angelica con Lindsay Cooper, Lars Hollmer y Gianni Gebbia


# Año Título Banda Sello Nota
1 1973 Legend Henry Cow Virgin
2 1974 Unrest Henry Cow Virgin
3 1975 Desperate Straights Slapp Happy / Henry Cow Virgin
4 1975 In Praise of Learning Henry Cow / Slapp Happy Virgin
5 1976 Concerts Henry Cow Caroline
6 1978 Western Culture Henry Cow Broadcast
7 1978 Hopes and Fears Art Bears Recommended
8 1979 Winter Songs Art Bears Recommended
9 1979 Un Peu de l'Âme des Bandits Aksak Maboul Crammed Discs
10 1981 The World as It Is Today Art Bears Recommended
11 1981 Memory Serves Material Celluloid Participa en 4 temas
12 1981 Killing Time Massacre Celluloid
13 1982 One Down Material Celluloid Participa en 1 tema
14 1984 Learn to Talk Skeleton Crew Rift / Recommended
15 1986 The Country of Blinds Skeleton Crew Rift / Recommended
16 1987 Live, Love, Larf & Loaf French Frith Kaiser Thompson Rhino
17 1990 Invisible Means French Frith Kaiser Thompson Demon / Windham Hill
18 1990 Naked City Naked City Elektra / Nonesuch
19 1990 Torture Garden Naked City Elektra / Nonesuch
20 1991 Heretic, Jeux des Dames Cruelles Naked City Avant
21 1991 The Virgin Years – Souvenir Box Henry Cow East Side Digital Box-set
22 1992 Grand Guignol Naked City Avant
23 1992 Leng Tch'e [EP] Naked City Toys Factory
24 1993 Radio Naked City Avant
25 1993 Absinthe Naked City Avant
26 1994 Live from Soundscape Material D.I.W
27 1995 Death Ambient Death Ambient Tzadik
28 1997 Etymology Skeleton Crew Rarefaction
29 1997 Ayaya Moses Fred Frith Guitar Quartet Ambiances Magnétiques
30 1998 Funny Valentine Massacre Tzadik
31 1999 Synaesthesia Death Ambient Tzadik
32 1999 Upbeat Fred Frith Guitar Quartet Ambiances Magnétiques
33 1999 Saturn's Finger Maybe Monday Buzz
31 2001 Meltdown Massacre Tzadik
32 2002 Naked City Live, Vol. 1: The Knitting Factory 1989 Naked City Tzadik En vivo 1989
33 2002 Digital Wildlife Maybe Monday Winter & Winter
34 2003 That House We Lived In Keep the Dog Fred
35 2006 Henry Cow Box Henry Cow Recommended Box-set
36 2007 Lonely Heart Massacre Tzadik
37 2007 Drunken Forest Death Ambient Tzadik
38 2008 Stockholm & Göteborg Henry Cow Recommended
40 2008 Unsquare Maybe Monday Intakt
41 2008 The 40th Anniversary Henry Cow Box Set Henry Cow Recommended Incluye 10 volúmenes de música en vivo (excepto Stockholm & Göteborg, todos inéditos) que van de 1971 a 1978
42 2010 Ragged Atlas Cosa Brava Intakt
43 2012 The Letter Cosa Brava Intakt

En álbumes de otros artistas[editar]

Lista parcial. En todos los álbumes Frith toca guitarra, violín o bajo excepto donde se indique lo contrario.

Año Título Artista Sello Nota
1974 Rock Bottom Robert Wyatt Virgin
1974 Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974 Robert Wyatt Hannibal / Domino En vivo
1975 Fine Old Tom Tom Newman Virgin
1975 Velvet Donkey Ivor Cutler Virgin Además arreglos
1975 Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard Robert Wyatt Virgin Co-autor en "Muddy Mouse"
1976 Kites Jade Warrior Island
1976 Machine Music John White / Gavin Bryars Obscure
1976 Voices and Instruments Jan Steele / John Cage Obscure
1976 Guitar Solos 2 Varios artistas Caroline Además productor.
1977 Before and After Science Brian Eno Polydor
1978 Music for Films Brian Eno E.G
1979 Guitar Solos 3 Varios artistas Rift Además productor.
1979 Maximum Penalty [EP] Red Balune MCCB
1979 The English Channel [w/ 2000 Statues] Eugene Chadbourne Parachute
1980 Commercial Album The Residents Ralph
1980 Rags Lindsay Cooper Arc
1980 Miniatures Varios artistas Pipe Sólo en un tema
1980 Getting a Head Bob Ostertag Rift
1981 Frank Johnson's Favorites Varios artistas Ralph
1981 <185> The Muffins Random Radar Además productor
1982 10th Anniversary Radio Special! (With Commentary by Penn Jillette) Varios artistas Ralph
1982 Recommended Records Sampler Varios artistas Recommended
1982 Best of Ralph Varios artistas Ralph
1983 Les Poumons gonflés Etron fou leloublan Turbo Además productor
1983 Baselines Bill Laswell Elektra Musician / Celluloid
1983 Residue Of The Residents The Residents Ralph Sólo en un tema, grabado en 1980
1983 Noir et blanc Zazou / BIKAYE / CY1 Crammed
1983 Present Time Michael Zentner Red
1983 The Golden Palominos The Golden Palominos Celluloid
1984 Full House David Moss Moers
1984 Ridin' on a Bummer Rascal Reporters Hebbardesque Además compositor
1984 The Last Nightingale Varios artistas RecRec Además compositor
1984 Wake Up You Must Remember Orthotonics Generic Ingeniero
1985 North America Curlew Moers Además productor
1985 Open City The Muffins Cuneiform
1986 The Big Gundown John Zorn Nonesuch
1986 Luminous Bipeds Orthotonics RecRec Productor
1987 Breaking No New Ground! [EP] Bongwater Shimmy-Disc
1989 Ankety Low Day Tone Dogs C/Z
1989 In One Mouth and Out the Other Rebby Sharp Shimmy-Disc
1989 Next to Nothing Nicky Skopelitis Venture
1989 The Burning World Swans Uni / MCA
1992 Domestic Stories Chris Cutler & Lutz Glandien Recommended
1994 Cyberband Richard Teitelbaum Moers
1994 Going Back a Bit: A Little History of Robert Wyatt Robert Wyatt Virgin Recopilación
2000 It's a Brand New Day: Tom Cora Live at the Knitting Factory Tom Cora Knitting Factory En vivo
2003 Forever Burned Swans Young God Recopilación
2004 His Greatest Misses Robert Wyatt Hannibal Recopilación
2005 50th Birthday Celebration Volume Ten Yamataka Eye & John Zorn Tzadik En vivo
2005 Electric Ascension Rova :: Orkestrova Atavistic En vivo
2009 Box Set Robert Wyatt Domino Recopilación
2014 Different Every Time Robert Wyatt Domino Recopilación

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