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Svenska: Metkrok av ben från stenåldern, funnen i Skåne.
Fuente Nordisk familjebok (1917), vol.26, Till art. Stenålder. II. [1]
Autor Nordisk familjebok
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Public domain
This image was first published in the 1st (1876–1899), 2nd (1904–1926) or 3rd (1923–1937) edition of Nordisk familjebok. The copyrights for that book have expired and this image is in the public domain, because images had no named authors and the book was published more than 70 years ago.
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Originally uploaded to sv: at October 23, 2003, by Användare:Den fjättrande ankan, with the following description:

Källa:Nordisk familjebok (1917), band 26, artikeln 'Stenåldern' [2] alternativt [3]

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