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Wild 9 es un videojuego desarrollado por Shiny Entertainment para la PlayStation. También estuvo en desarrollo una versión para Sega Saturn, pero fue finalmente cancelada antes de llegar a completarse. Su estilo de juego es el de un plataformas 2D (con algún quiebro ocasional en las dimensiones), y tiene un gran parecido con Earth Worm Jim, también de Shiny.

El personaje en el juego usa un 'RIG', similar a un lazo electrónico, para capturar objetos y enemigos. Los objetos pueden ser movidos a donde sea necesario, y los enemigos pueden ser destruidos usando el RIG para estamparlos en el suelo o dentro de zonas peligrosas. También hay algunas escenas en caída libre (donde tienes que evitar los obstáculos mientras caes) y escenas de carreras (donde debes cazar a un jefe e intentar derribarle mientras evitas obstáculos).

Wild 9 Members[editar]

The Wild 9 is composed of nine orphaned teenage mutants that are basically fighting against the tyranny of an absolutely huge monster, who's face is the size of New York State. It’s composed of:

Wex Major[editar]

The Charming and quick-witted leader of Wild 9, Wex uses both these assets in holding the rag-tag group together.He possesses "The Rig" weapon system, and much to his amazement, he is the only person capable of operating this powerful weapon. As a result, Wex is rumored to be "The Great Champion"; the mystical folk hero believed to lead the oppressed people of the Andromeda Galaxy to defeat Karn and his forces.Wex has reluctantly agreed to lead this motley crew upon the condition that once he finds his kidnapped parents in this enormous galaxy, he will leave and return back to Earth.


B'Angus is a pesky critter that permanantly resides in Wex's Rig. B'Angus is a refugee of sorts; hiding for dear life from his arch-nemesis, "The Black Sheep", in the only indestructible container in the universe...the Rig. His loyalty to Wex and the Wild 9 is second to none...too bad his cowardice is greater.BPDP


Mac can often be found hitting on Boomer or boldly posturing about his prowess in just about any activity. "Careful? Careful's my middle name!" Mac acts as a "living" battery/power tool system, complete with hundreds of possible attachments, enabling him to transform into anything the team needs; radar dish, vehicle, or even a massive gatling gun for Volstagg to use. (Mac doesn't like that last one so much, even though him and Stag are best buds.) This highly self-assured mechanical teen can be likened to a 16-year-old who just received his driver's license...and a brand new Ferrari!


The final piece of the "Wild Trio" (Wex, Stagg, and Mac), volstagg is the strong man of the group. Stagg was once a normal looking prince and heir to an entire kingdom. A young man in search of adventure, Volstagg left his castle one day only to be kidnapped by a group of Karn's bio-geneticists. their experiment left him in the state his is in now, with the strength of three gorillas and the speed of a gazelle. he returned to his home only to find it in ruins, destroyed by karn's army. He's big, He's bad, and now he has a bone to pick with Karn.

Boomer McTwist[editar]

This spunky, Scottish redhead of the Wild 9 is no stranger to action. This seemingly innocent little lady is the daughter of the famed Scottish superhero, the "Tartan Spartan". Boomer carries her deceased father's superhero tartan in a sling on her belt. When needed, she can throw down the tartan to gain the superhero powers of her father. Her devotion to the Wild 9's cause is absolute...provided she doesn't kill B'Angus first.


If Pokkit went to high school, the caption under his yearbook photo would read: "Most Likely To Die Sad And Alone". This pitiful little guy so desperatly wants to be accepted by his teammates. The big-hearted Pokkit even goes to such lengths as to tie a bike flag to his 3'4" body so that his presence can be known at even 6'. Pokkit is an experiment in 'bio-warping' technology. He wears a jacket covered in pockets from which he ideally can produce any object he needs. Too bad it doesn't work out that way. When they need to get out of a jam, Pokkit will reach in and produce a doughnut. And when the 9 are starving in a desert, you can be certain that Pokkit will produce a bazooka. Now can you see WHY Karn got rid of this experiment?! This walking junkdrawer is Pilfer's whipping boy. The usually sour hair of Crystal has the biggest of crushes on Pokkit. And the rest, well they usually just don't notice him.


Pure living crystalline. Crystal is, by far, the team's most intelligent member, and something of a science geek. She is the tactical and analytical support for her leader Wex Major. She has absolutely no evidence of emotion on her physical body, but there is something much more unique about her... She has a head of living hair! The hair is boisterous, and basically the outlet that expresses all of Crystal's emotions. In a fight, Crystal moves with unerring accuracy, while her hair belts out wild Bruce Lee-ish battle-críes. But mostly the hair just pigs out and and snores and drools, um... Eats and sleeps. Crystal is solar powered through the gem she houses in her midsection. When removed from the light source for too long, she crystallizes and becomes immobile.


Henry is the least human in form, yet the most human in spirit. The actual character of Henry is a body of morphing water encased in a very awkwardly constructed eco-suit. He has a curious and awestruck outlook on life, and humans in general. He has a short attention span, and will often change thoughts mid-sentence. He interfaces with the ship and acts as the team's chief science officer and mobile recon unit. He formerly manned a bio-genetic ship for Karn, however broke free and eventually met up with the Wild 9


He's a lunatic. He's insane. He's a Karn experiment in multiple personalities, 167 to be exact. HE'S THE CAPTAIN OF THE WILD 9 SHIP!?!?!?! Often found in the corner holding loud and obnoxious converstions with himself, Pilfer pilots the hunk-of-junk that is the Wild 9's mobile home base.


Seeking to destroy the Wild 9, Karn forced his bio-engineers to create the most destructive being in all of the Andromeda Cluster. Nitro is the result of that experiment. Encased within a protective suit, Nitro is sealed off from everything in his environment, as he is allergic to anything and everything. His allergies manifest themselves in powerful explosions, making him a powerful weapon.

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