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Please use my Wikidata talk page if you want to contact me.


Must be merged. Look. I'll do it. Thanks. Petronas (discusión) 23:45 26 dic 2013 (UTC)

Now is merged. Thanks. Petronas (discusión) 23:48 26 dic 2013 (UTC)
Thank you. - Soulkeeper (discusión) 23:54 26 dic 2013 (UTC)


As in the article above, you have to merge Tropidophoxinellus alburnoides and Squalius alburnoides not just create a redirection. Please take care on future editions. --DPC (discusión) 13:10 3 ene 2014 (UTC)

Since I do not speak Spanish, I might have to mark the articles with {{merge}} instead. Unfortunately that seems to mean that little will be done with it on eswiki. I hope deleting the corresponding duplicate entry on Wikidata will be sufficient, while waiting for the eswiki community to do something with your local duplicates? - Soulkeeper (discusión) 22:52 3 ene 2014 (UTC)
So you can ask anybody in esWiki Community to help you to make or discuss the changes you want to do. I'm going to study these two fish. --DPC (discusión) 09:02 4 ene 2014 (UTC)
Ok, in the future I will ask you or Usuario:Petronas about duplicates, instead of (heavy-handedly) trying to solve it on my own. Thanks for the help. - Soulkeeper (discusión) 15:14 4 ene 2014 (UTC)
I've studied those two fish... and 22 articles more you have redirected instead of merged. Yes, ask Petronas (disc. · contr. · bloq.) or me, we'll be very pleased on helping you. Have a nice 2014! --DPC (discusión) 13:40 5 ene 2014 (UTC)