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Manuel Giron is a Swiss writer, photographer and painter. He also makes video art and intuitive music. His work is inspired by harmony and beauty. He works as a freelance artist, it reflects his fascination for urban landscapes and modern architecture of cities like Paris, London, Tokyo and Barcelona amongst others. Manuel Giron has exhibited his works in Switzerland, France, UK, Deutschland, Canada, Guatemala, Spain, Austria and Holland; including four exhibitions at the United Nations in Geneva 2008, 2009, 2012, 2016. His music is available on iTunes and Amazon. He has also published eleven books with short stories and fourteen with urban landscape photographies. Now he is working in a series of iBooks with text, photos, video and music.

WORKS Short stories Books Nicht nur der Sterne wegen gefällt mir die Nacht (German 2009 Éditions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-00-9) Wir sehen uns im Frühling wieder | Nos volveremos a ver en primavera (German-Spanish 2010 Éditions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-02-3) Frühlingssonnen | Soles de primavera (German-Spanish 2003 ALAS Edition ISBN 3-9522784-4-0) Ratos Robados Spanish 2000 ALAS Edition ISBN 3-9522784-2-4) Rostros | Gesichter (German-Spanish 1995 ALAS Edition ISBN 3-9522784-0-8 ) Gegen den Strom | Contracorriente (German-Spanish 1998 ALAS Edition ISBN 3-9522784-1-6) Frischer Wind | Viento fresco (German-Spanish 2006 ALAS Edition ISBN 3-9522784-7-5) Rote Monde (German 2012 Éditions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-03-0) Lunas de otoño (Spanish 2013 Éditions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-21-4) Broken Labyrinth ( English 2015 Éditions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-29-0) Der Zauber des Paradoxen (German 2015 Éditions Latines ISBN 978-3905930351) Photo-Books: Paris Skyline ( 2010 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-06-1) Barcelona, encanto mediterráneo 2010 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-06-1) Abstraktion der Wirklichkeit (2012 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-08-5) Light Nights of Geneva ( 2012 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-09-2) Water Landscapes (2012 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-04-7) St. Gallen zwischen Tradition und Moderne (2013 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-07-8) PARIS Spiegelungen und Schatten (2013 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-24-5) WHO’S WHO IN VISUAL ART 2013 Editions Art Domain Who’s Verlag. ISBN-10: 3981347455, ISBN-13: 978-3981347456) London, an inspiration (2015 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-37-5) Zurich (2015 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-36-8) Marsella, luz mediterránea (2014 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-25-2) Tokio, mar de luces (2014 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-28-3) Shooting lights (2016 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-39-9) Alhambra (2016 Editions Latines ISBN 978-3-905930-38-2) Representation Gallery:, | More information in the homepage

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