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  • Charles O'Tudor (born 20 June 1971) is a Nigerian, brand strategist, public speaker and businessman. He is the principal consultant of ADSTRAT Branding
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  • Slavomolisano, also known as Molise Slavic or Molise Croatian, is a variety of Shtokavian Serbo-Croatian spoken by Italian Croats in the province of Campobasso
    25 KB (2570 palabras) - 20:50 2 jul 2017
  • Ohimai Godwin Amaize or Mr Fix Nigeria (born September 9, 1984 in Uromi, Edo) is a Nigerian media personality, political strategist and publisher. He served
    8 KB (1137 palabras) - 14:02 19 oct 2017
  • Gesundes Kinzigtal is a health care management company in the German town of Hausach in the Black Forest. The name means "healthy Kinzig valley". Helmut
    9 KB (1079 palabras) - 10:18 25 jun 2017
  • Quebec French (French: français québécois; also known as Québécois French or simply Québécois) is the predominant variety of the French language in Canada
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