Spanish Lady

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"Spanish Lady" es el título de una canción tradicional irlandesa, que también se puede encontrar en Inglaterra. La Biblioteca Bodleiana tiene varias hojas con referencias a una balada inglesa con este nombre que datan del siglo XVII.[1]​ Otras versiones fragmentarias o relacionadas proceden de los EE.UU. y datan de 1883. No debe confundirse con Spanish Ladies, otra canción inglesa tradicional de título similar.

Letra de la canción[editar]

La letra de la canción varía dependiendo de la referencia geográfica. Hay varias versiones "dublinesas", una de las cuales se suele llamar La rueda de la fortuna. Otras versiones están relacionadas con Galway y Belfast. La versión inglesa hace referencia a Chester.

   As I went down to Dublin city,
   At the hour of twelve at night,
   Who should I see but the Spanish Lady,
   Washing her feet by candle-light.
   First she washed them, then she dried them
   Over a fire of amber coal,
   In all my life I ne'er did see
   A maid so sweet about the soul.
   Whack fol the toora, loora laddi-o
   Whack fol the toora loora lay
   As I went back through Dublin city
   At the hour of half-past eight
   Who should I see but the Spanish Lady
   Brushing her hair outside the gate.
   First she brushed it, then she combed it,
   On her hand was a silver comb.
   In all my life I ne'er did see
   A maid so fair since I did roam.
   As I came back through Dublin city
   As the sun began to set
   Who should I see but the Spanish Lady
   Catching a moth in a golden net.
   When she saw me then she fled me
   Lifting her petticoat over her knee
   In all my life I ne'er did see
   A maid so shy as the Spanish Lady.
   I've wandered north and I've wandered south
   By Stoneybatter and Patrick's Close
   Up and around by the Gloucester Diamond
   And back by Napper Tandy's house.
   Old age has laid her hand on me
   Cold as a fire of ashy coals
   But where o where is the Spanish Lady,
   Neat and sweet about the soul?

(Versión tradicional de Dublín que data del siglo XIX)


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