Masterpieces (álbum de HammerFall)

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Álbum recopilatorio de HammerFall
Publicación 25 de Junio del 2008
Grabación 1996 a 2008
Género(s) Heavy metal Power metal
Duración 1:07:43
Discográfica Nuclear Blast
Productor(es) Jens Bogren
Cronología de HammerFall
Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory
No Sacrifice, No Victory

Masterpieces es el segundo álbum recopilatorio de la banda sueca de Heavy metal HammerFall,publicado el 25 de Junio del 2008 por el sello Nuclear Blast.

Lista de canciones[editar]

1.«Child of the damned (Warlord cover)»Tsamis3:44
2.«Ravenlord (Stormwitch cover)»Spengler3:33
3.«Eternal dark (Picture cover)»Lovell, Jaarsveld, Vreugdenbil, Manen, Bakker3:10
4.«Back to back (Pretty Maids cover)»Hammer, Owen, Atkins3:40
5.«I want out (Helloween cover)»Hansen4:39
6.«Man on the silver mountain (Rainbow cover)»Blackmore, Dio3:27
7.«Head over heels (Accept cover)»Accept, Deaffy4:38
8.«Run with the devil (Heavy Load cover)»Wablquist3:38
9.«We´re gonna make it (Twisted Sister cover)»Snider3:37
10.«Breaking the law (Judas Priest cover)»Downing, Tipton, Halford2:14
11.«Angel of mercy (Chastain cover)»Chastain5:42
12.«Rising force (Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force cover)»Malmsteen, Turner4:31
13.«Detroit rock city (Kiss cover)»Stanley, Ezrin3:56
14.«Crazy nights (Loudness cover)»Takasaki, Nibara3:41
15.«När vindarna viskar mitt namn (Roger Pontare cover)»Holmstrand, Jansson, Dabl3:09
16.«Flight of the warrior* (Riot cover)»Reale, Van Stavern, Moore4:22
17.«Youth gone wild* (Skid Row cover)»Bolan, Sabo3:20
18.«Aphasia* (Europe cover)»Norum2:34

*Previously unreleased