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Lambchop, originalmente Posterchild, es un grupo musical de Nashville, Tennessee formado en 1986. Lambchop está relacionada con el country alternativo, aunque su música no es fácil de encuadrar genéricamente.

El portal musical Allmusic se refiere al grupo como "arguably the most consistently brilliant and unique American group to emerge during the 1990s" [1] (posiblemente el grupo americano consistentemente más brillante y único que ha surgido durante los años 90.).

Formado alrededor de Kurt Wagner, el grupo ha incorporado influencias del post-rock, soul y del lounge.


1996: How I Quit Smoking

1. For Which We Are Truly Thankful

2. Man Who Loved Beer, The

3. Militant, The

4. We Never Argue

5. Life's Little Tragedy

6. Suzieju

7. All Smiles and Mariachi

8. Scary Caroler, The

9. Smuckers

10. Militant, The

11. Garf

12. Your Life as a Sequel

13. Theone

14. Again

2002: Is A Woman

1. Daily Growl, The

2. New Cobweb Summer, The

3. My Blue Wave

4. I Can Hardly Spell My Name

5. Autumn's Vicar

6. Flick

7. Caterpillar

8. D Scott Parsley

9. Bugs

10. Old Matchbook Trick, The

11. Is a Woman

2006: Damaged

1. Paperback Bible

2. Prepared

3. Rise and Fall of the Letter P, The

4. Day Without Glasses, A

5. Beers Before the Barbican

6. I Would Have Waited Here All Day

7. Crackers

8. Fear

9. Short

10. Decline of Country and Western Civilization, The

2008: Oh (Ohio)

1. Ohio

2. Slipped Dissolved And Loosed

3. I'm Thinking Of A Number (Between 1 And 2)

4. National Talk Like A Pirate Day

5. Hold Of You, A

6. Sharing A Gibson With Martin Luther King Jr.

7. Of Raymond

8. Please Rise

9. Popeye

10. Close Up

11. I Believe In You

2012: Mr.M

1. If Not I'll Just Die

2. 2B2

3.Gone tomorrow.

4. Mr. Met.

5. Gar.

6. Nice without Mercy.

7. Buttons.

8. The good life (is wasted).

9. Kind of.

10. Betty's Overture.

11. Never my love.