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Quizás quisiste decir: walter infiltración into the ground
  • militantes"». BBC News. 25 de enero de 2008.  Two Israelis Killed In Terrorist Infiltration At Kibbutz Nah en YouTube. «Israel reopens Gaza border crossings». USA
    182 kB (23 204 palabras) - 19:02 24 jul 2020
  • Leaders Flee Capital The North Africa Post (31 de marzo de 2016) Tripoli leadership takes action against unity government 'infiltration' The New Arab (5 de
    412 kB (50 417 palabras) - 14:05 26 nov 2020

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  • Infiltration is the process by which water on the ground surface enters the soil. It is commonly used in both hydrology and soil sciences. The infiltration
    21 kB (3128 palabras) - 18:28 6 nov 2020
  • agricultural or other human uses. Infiltration The flow of water from the ground surface into the ground. Once infiltrated, the water becomes soil moisture or
    38 kB (4067 palabras) - 19:51 16 nov 2020
  • An infiltrometer is a device used to measure the rate of water infiltration into soil or other porous media. Commonly used infiltrometers are single-ring
    4 kB (477 palabras) - 13:15 7 ene 2020
  • is called infiltration. Pipes may leak because of careless installation; they may also be damaged after installation by differential ground movement,
    7 kB (802 palabras) - 12:27 23 ene 2020
  • of water. They can take in water, and will keep doing so until they are full, or until the rate at which they can transmit water into and through the pores
    6 kB (806 palabras) - 13:02 31 ago 2020
  • open. The restoration project for the mausoleum was begun in June 2018 to protect the Mausoleum from historic problems due to water infiltration. "Royal
    14 kB (1727 palabras) - 16:10 21 nov 2020
  • Infiltration is the unintentional or accidental introduction of outside air into a building, typically through cracks in the building envelope and through
    4 kB (590 palabras) - 18:42 8 oct 2020
  • This capillary action is the "upward movement of water through the vadose zone" (Coduto, 266). Increased water infiltration, such as that caused by heavy
    12 kB (1494 palabras) - 17:22 18 oct 2020
  • controlled by storm water management facilities that absorb the runoff or direct it into groundwater, such as bioretention systems and infiltration basins. Retention
    46 kB (4597 palabras) - 16:26 1 dic 2020
  • collect water from the aquifer underlying a river. Water from an infiltration gallery has the advantage of bank filtration to reduce the water treatment
    2 kB (314 palabras) - 23:58 22 dic 2017
  • surrounding the Flambeau Mine to measure the ground water depth and quality. The contaminated water that flows into the Flambeau River contains copper, manganese
    9 kB (1027 palabras) - 15:51 18 abr 2020
  • reducing water infiltration and leading to runoff. The natural state of grassland is rough and open. Plants create small crests and troughs in the soil surface
    11 kB (1240 palabras) - 06:46 14 ago 2020
  • land, some of the water flows on the surface forming streams and rivers. The remaining water, through infiltration, penetrates the soil traveling underground
    2 kB (293 palabras) - 18:55 7 may 2020
  • Surface runoff (redirección desde Runoff water)
    allow water to soak into the ground. Surface runoff is a major component of the water cycle. It is the primary agent of soil erosion by water. The land
    28 kB (3586 palabras) - 04:10 29 nov 2020
  • reactive barrier and microbial enhanced oil recovery. In the situation where infiltration of water at appropriate rate is needed, bioclogging can be problematic
    21 kB (2268 palabras) - 04:43 19 nov 2020
  • stormwater and dissipates it into the ground is called an infiltration basin or recharge basin. In places where the amount of water to be dispersed is not as
    4 kB (540 palabras) - 19:30 13 jul 2020
  • characterising the vadose zone (unsaturated zone). Infiltration is the process by which water enters the soil. Some of the water is absorbed, and the rest percolates
    37 kB (3824 palabras) - 21:00 27 nov 2020
  • Groundwater recharge (categoría Water and the environment)
    reduced water infiltration, enhanced surface runoff and reduction in recharge. Use of groundwater, especially for irrigation, may also lower the water tables
    17 kB (2014 palabras) - 01:37 2 dic 2020
  • connecting the tubes together must be tight enough to prevent water or gas infiltration. In certain geographic areas, it is important that the joints prevent
    17 kB (2540 palabras) - 06:52 30 nov 2020
  • used in the system within the surrounding pedestrian footpaths, to support the infiltration of runoff into the ground water system. Roadside bioretention
    59 kB (7481 palabras) - 18:23 16 nov 2020
  • Artesian aquifer (redirección desde Artesian water)
    drilled into such an aquifer is called an artesian well. If water reaches the ground surface under the natural pressure of the aquifer, the well is termed
    4 kB (356 palabras) - 07:27 9 nov 2020