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  • Prefectura, un embankment construyó después de que Tifón Tokage en 2004 impidió runoff de afluir a el río. Esto inadvertently dirigido a inundar en Maizuru después
    17 kB (1863 palabras) - 07:36 6 oct 2020

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  • primary cause of urban flooding, which can result in property damage, damp and mold in basements, and street flooding. Surface runoff can be generated either
    28 kB (3586 palabras) - 03:31 19 nov 2020
  • Urban runoff is surface runoff of rainwater created by urbanization. This runoff is a major source of flooding and water pollution in urban communities
    23 kB (2601 palabras) - 05:18 8 sep 2020
  • required for runoff from the most distant point of the upstream drainage area to reach the point of the drainage channel controlling flooding of the area
    44 kB (5298 palabras) - 13:09 18 nov 2020
  • vegetation, some evaporates, and the rest travels over the land as surface runoff. Floods occur when ponds, lakes, riverbeds, soil, and vegetation cannot absorb
    35 kB (4240 palabras) - 03:10 26 nov 2020
  • Flood forecasting is the use of forecasted precipitation and streamflow data in rainfall-runoff and streamflow routing models to forecast flow rates and
    3 kB (308 palabras) - 16:07 17 dic 2019
  • rainfall, excessive snowmelt, excessive runoff, levee failure or a combination of these sources. Below is a list of flood events that were of significant impact
    25 kB (2712 palabras) - 06:04 12 nov 2020
  • The runoff collects in gullies and streams and, as they join to form larger volumes, often form a fast flowing front of water and debris. Flash floods most
    18 kB (2012 palabras) - 12:02 5 nov 2020
  • can create two major issues: one related to the volume and timing of runoff (flooding) and the other related to potential contaminants the water is carrying
    32 kB (3625 palabras) - 13:18 28 nov 2020
  • into sub-catchments and the various runoff hydrographs may be combined using flood routing techniques. Rainfall-runoff models need to be calibrated before
    11 kB (1458 palabras) - 12:31 17 abr 2020
  • Streamflow (redirección desde Channel runoff)
    it is rarely the main cause of flooding. However, it does contribute to flooding by providing a stage onto which runoff from other sources is superimposed
    15 kB (2158 palabras) - 19:30 3 nov 2020
  • Storm drain (redirección desde Flood tunnel)
    can cause basement and street flooding. In many areas require detention tanks inside a property that temporarily hold runoff in heavy rains and restrict
    28 kB (3023 palabras) - 00:49 20 nov 2020
  • pool of water in its design. It is used to manage stormwater runoff to prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality in an adjacent
    6 kB (677 palabras) - 05:16 2 sep 2020
  • Routing (hydrology) (redirección desde Flood Routing)
    utilized for the simulation of flooding in rivers and channels. Runoff routing is a procedure to calculate a surface runoff hydrograph from rainfall. Losses
    11 kB (1531 palabras) - 18:58 27 oct 2020
  • 2018, severe floods affected the south Indian state Kerala, due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. It was the worst flood in Kerala in
    84 kB (6800 palabras) - 07:18 26 nov 2020
  • passage of the Flood Control Act of 1941 passed in the wake of the Los Angeles Flood of 1938. Drop structure Urban runoff Weir Levee LA River Flood Control Channel
    2 kB (223 palabras) - 14:47 10 ago 2020
  • The history of flooding in Canada includes floods caused by snowmelt runoff or freshet flooding, storm-rainfall and "flash flooding", ice jams during ice
    75 kB (8853 palabras) - 03:32 25 nov 2020
  • The valley had large amounts of runoff from rain and snowfall. The area surrounding Johnstown is prone to flooding due to its location on the rivers
    50 kB (6477 palabras) - 09:51 25 nov 2020
  • 100-year flood is a flood event that has a 1 in 100 chance (1% probability) of being equaled or exceeded in any given year. The 100-year flood is also
    17 kB (2205 palabras) - 13:09 9 nov 2020
  • arid, thorny surroundings. The area quebradas are susceptible to flash flood runoff from sudden cloudbursts. Tupiza is the capital of the Sud Chichas Province
    5 kB (244 palabras) - 17:52 9 may 2020
  • Agno River (sección Flooding)
    and causing devastating effects on the lower levels of the river, the flood runoff estimated annually at about 6,654 million cubic meters reaches the plain
    15 kB (1346 palabras) - 17:46 1 oct 2020
  • Mediterranean even before the Zanclean flood. Already before the Zanclean flood, increased precipitation and runoff had lowered the salinity of the remnant
    30 kB (3482 palabras) - 20:25 10 nov 2020