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  • Labeobarbus johnstonii is a species of cyprinid fish. It has long been placed in Barbus, the "wastebin genus" for barbs, by default, and this is still
    4 kB (383 palabras) - 22:39 25 dic 2019
  • (Barbus innocens) Barbus intermedius Jackson's barb (Barbus jacksoni) Jae barb (Barbus jae) Barbus janssensi Barbus johnstonii Barbus kamaia Barbus kamolondoensis
    260 kB (18 061 palabras) - 15:08 16 mar 2020
  • "Barbus intermedius" redirects here. This name is also invalidly used for Barbus luapulae; see also text for other species to which it was formerly applied
    5 kB (496 palabras) - 14:14 23 jul 2018
  • it was long included in Barbus. It appears to be a fairly close relative of the typical barbels and relatives – the genus Barbus proper –, but closer still
    15 kB (907 palabras) - 11:43 21 feb 2020