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{{Taxobox | name = ''Callosciurus''
{{Ficha de taxón
| fossil_range = Early [[Pleistocene]] to Recent
| name = ''Pteromyscus pulverulentus''
| image = Callosciurus prevosti.jpg
| color = pink
| imageimage_width = 240px
| image_caption = ''[[Callosciurus prevostii]]''
| status = EN
| status_ref = <ref name=iucn>{{IUCN2008|assessors=Aplin, K. & Duckworth, J. W.|year=2008|id=18703|title=Pteromyscus pulverulentus|downloaded=6 Enero 2009}}</ref>
| regnum = [[Animalia]]
| phylum = [[Chordata]]
| subphylum = [[Vertebrata]]
| infraclassis = [[Placentalia]]
| classis = [[Mammalia]]
| superordoordo = [[EuarchontogliresRodent]]ia
| ordo = [[Rodentia]]
| familia = [[Sciuridae]]
| genussubfamilia = [[PteromyscusCallosciurinae]]
| genus = '''''Callosciurus'''''
| species = P. pulverulentus
| genus_authority = [[John Edward Gray|Gray]], 1867
| subspecies =
| subdivision_ranks = Species
| binomial = '''''Pteromyscus pulverulentus'''''
| subdivision =
| binomial_authority = ([[Albert C. L. G. Günther|Günther]], 1873)
''[[Callosciurus adamsi]]''<br>
| synonyms =
''[[Callosciurus albescens]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus baluensis]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus caniceps]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus erythraeus]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus finlaysonii]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus inornatus]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus melanogaster]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus nigrovittatus]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus notatus]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus orestes]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus phayrei]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus prevostii]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus pygerythrus]]''<br>
''[[Callosciurus quinquestriatus]]''
'''''Pteromyscus pulverulentus''''' es una [[especie]] de [[roedor]] de la [[familia (biología)|familia]] [[Sciuridae]].
'''''Callosciurus''''' is a [[Southeast Asia]]n genus of [[squirrel]]s. Several of the species have settled on small islands, and have developed separate subspecies. In total, the genus contains 14 species and up to 300 subspecies or varieties. The genera ''[[Glyphotes]]'', ''[[Rubrisciurus]]'', and ''[[Tamiops]]'' are sometimes also included in ''Callosciurus''.
== Distribución geográfica ==
Se encuentran en [[Brunei]], [[Indonesia]], [[Malasia]], y [[Tailandia]].
Several species are very colourful; in fact, they belong to the most colourful mammals. The Pallas's squirrel has an unremarkable olive green back, but its belly is bright red. The "typical" subspecies of Prevost's squirrel have a black back, white sides, and red-brown underside. The Finlayson's squirrel occurs in numerous varieties, three of which are red-brown, black, and pure white. The length of these squirrels is between {{convert|15|and|25|cm|abbr=on}}, not including the {{convert|8|to|25|cm|abbr=on}} long tail.
== [[hábitat]] ==
Su [[hábitat]] natural son: zonas [[tropicales]] o subtropicales, de [[bosques]] áridos.
Most squirrels in ''Callosciurus'' live in [[tropical rain forest]]s, but some individuals live in parks and gardens in Southeast Asian cities. In the trees, they build their nests out of plant material. The are solitary, and give birth to one to five young. Their food consists of nuts, fruits, and seeds, and also of insects and bird eggs.
== Estado de conservación ==
Se encuentra amenazada de [[extinción]] por la pérdida de su [[hábitat]] natural.
== ReferenciasSpecies ==
There are 15 species in this genus:<ref>{{cite book|last1=Thorington|first1=R.W., Jr.|last2=Hoffmann|first2=R.S.|year=2005|chapter=Family Sciuridae|pages=754–818|editor1-last=Wilson|editor1-first=D.E.|editor2-last=Reeder|editor2-first=D.M|url=http://www.bucknell.edu/msw3|chapter=Family Sciuridae|chapterurl=http://www.bucknell.edu/msw3/browse.asp?s=y&id=12400001|title=Mammal Species of the World: a taxonomic and geographic reference|edition=3rd|publisher=The Johns Hopkins University Press|isbn=0-8018-8221-4|oclc=26158608}}</ref>
* ''[[Callosciurus albescens]]'' ([[J. Lewis Bonhote|Bonhote]], 1901), Kloss's Squirrel: northern [[Sumatra]].
* ''[[Callosciurus adamsi]]'' ([[Cecil Boden Kloss|Kloss]] 1921), Ear-spot squirrel: northwestern Borneo.
[[de:Rauchgraues Gleithörnchen]]
[[en:Smoky Flying Squirrel]]
* ''[[Callosciurus baluensis]]'' ([[J. Lewis Bonhote|Bonhote]] 1901), Kinabalu squirrel: northwestern Borneo.
[[sv:Pteromyscus pulverulentus]]
* ''[[Callosciurus caniceps]]'' ([[John Edward Gray|Gray]] 1842), Gray-bellied squirrel: Myanmar, Thailand, [[Malaysian peninsula]].
* ''[[Callosciurus erythraeus]]'' ([[Peter Simon Pallas|Pallas]] 1779), Pallas's squirrel: southern [[China]], [[Hainan]], [[Taiwan]], [[Southeast Asia]].
* ''[[Callosciurus finlaysonii]]'' ([[Thomas Horsfield|Horsfield]] 1824), Finlayson's squirrel: Myanmar, [[Thailand]], [[Cambodia]].
* ''[[Callosciurus inornatus]]'' ([[John Edward Gray|Gray]] 1867), Inornate squirrel, Yunnan (China), [[Laos]], [[Vietnam]].
* ''[[Callosciurus melanogaster]]'' ([[Oldfield Thomas|Thomas]] 1895), Mentawai squirrel: [[Mentawai Islands]].
* ''[[Callosciurus nigrovittatus]]'' ([[Thomas Horsfield|Horsfield]] 1824), Black-striped squirrel; Malaysian peninsula, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, numerous small islands.
* ''[[Callosciurus notatus]]'' ([[Pieter Boddaert|Boddaert]] 1785), Plantain squirrel: Malaysian peninsula, [[Singapore]], [[Java (island)|Java]], Sumatra, Borneo, [[Bali]], [[Lombok]], numerous small islands.
* ''[[Callosciurus orestes]]'' ([[Oldfield Thomas|Thomas]] 1895), Borneo black-banded squirrel: northwestern Borneo.
* ''[[Callosciurus phayrei]]'' ([[Edward Blyth|Blyth]] 1856), Phayre's squirrel: southern Myanmar.
* ''[[Callosciurus prevostii]]'' ([[Anselme Gaëtan Desmarest|Desmarest]] 1822), Prevost's squirrel: Malaysian peninsula, [[Sumatra]], [[Borneo]], numerous small islands; introduced to [[Sulawesi]].
* ''[[Callosciurus pygerythrus]]'' ([[Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire|Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire]] 1831), Irrawaddy squirrel, [[Nepal]], northeastern [[India]], [[Bangladesh]], Myanmar.
* ''[[Callosciurus quinquestriatus]]'' ([[John Anderson (zoologist)|Anderson]] 1871), Anderson's squirrel: border region of [[Yunnan]] (China) and [[Myanmar]].
The [[Kloss Squirrel]] (''Callosciurus notatus albescens'') of [[Sumatra]] is sometimes considered to be a separate species, but more often as a subspecies of the [[Plantain Squirrel]].
== References ==
* Ronald M. Nowak: ''Walker's Mammals of the World''. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999 ISBN 0-8018-5789-9
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[[lt:Puošniosios voverės]]
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