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Descripción original
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alemán: Firma Brauer
The Brauer Company
title QS:P1476,de:"Firma Brauer"
label QS:Len,"The Brauer Company"
label QS:Lpl,"Firma Brauera"
label QS:Lfr,"La société Brauer"
English: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: Photograph of SS troops arrest the Jewish department heads of the Brauer helmet factory. The Brauer "shop", of Herman Brouer, made helmets for the German Army, was located at Nalewki 28-38 street and employed 2 thousand people.[1] Their workers were probably of the last Jews to be deported from the ghetto. With the outbreak of the uprising on April 19, 1943, Hermann Brauer promised those Jewish work managers who hadn't gone into hiding, that the factory would continue to operate, and asked that they come to work. These managers received special transit passes to move freely about the ghetto, which were attached to their coat lapels. On April 24, 1943 at five o'clock p.m. the SS made a raid on the factory, rounding up the managers and conducting body searches prior to deporting them, then setting fire to the factory.
Polski: Powstanie w getcie warszawskim: Firma Brauer to przypuszczalnie zakład naprawy hełmów Hermana Brauera mieszczący się przy ulicy Nalewki 28-38 i zatrudniający 2 tysiące robotników. Żółnierze SS zatrzymują żydowskich kierowników fabryki Brauera.[1]
Lugar representado Nalewki 28-38
Fotógrafo Desconocido (Franz Konrad confessed to taking some of the photographs, the rest was probably taken by photographers from Propaganda Kompanie nr 689.[2][3])
Número de inventario Warsaw copy Nr.5, NARA copy Nr.5
Referencias United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Fotografía #26535
Otras versiones
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Warsaw copy page #6
NARA copy page #7

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Jürgen Stroop

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Título alemán: Es gibt keinen jüdischen Wohnbezirk in Warschau mehr!
The Jewish Quarter of Warsaw is No More!
title QS:P1476,de:"Es gibt keinen jüdischen Wohnbezirk in Warschau mehr!"
label QS:Len,"The Jewish Quarter of Warsaw is No More!"
label QS:Lpl,"Żydowska dzielnica mieszkaniowa w Warszawie już nie istnieje!"


Deutsch: Niederschlagung des Aufstandes im Warschauer Ghetto. Foto von Jürgen Stroop in einem Bericht an Heinrich Himmler vom Mai 1943.
English: Stroop Report: a report written by Jürgen Stroop for Heinrich Himmler about liquidation of Warsaw Ghetto in May 1943.
Polski: Raport Stroopa: raport z maja 1943, napisany przez Jürgena Stroopa do Heinricha Himmlera na temat likwidacji getta warszawskiego.
עברית: דו"ח סטרופ, נכתב על ידי יורגן סטרופ להיינריך הימלר על דיכוי המרד בגטו ורשה במאי 1943
NARA copy:
institution QS:P195,Q518155
Warsaw copy:
institution QS:P195,Q705173
Número de inventario
  • Warsaw copy: Source Record ID: 238-IMT-1061PS-Box 21-22
  • NARA copy: Source Record ID: 4/202z-Inv.4498
Fecha mayo de 1943
date QS:P571,+1943-05-00T00:00:00Z/10
Dimensiones Altura: 30 cm; Ancho: 22 cm
dimensions QS:P2048,30U174728;P2049,22U174728
Historial de la pieza
  • 1943: Three leather bound albums were created for Heinrich Himmler, Friedrich Krueger and Jürgen Stroop, and one unbound file copy of the report (das Konzept) remained in Warsaw, in the care of Chief of Staff Jesuiter.[4]
  • 1945: According to statement given in 1945 by Stroop's adjutant Karl Kaleshke, to US authorities in Wiesbaden, he ordered Stroops copy of the report burnt with other secret documents in Burg Kranzberg.[2]
  • 1945: After the war only two of the four copies were discovered, those belonging to Himler and Jesuiter.[3] Himler's copy went to Seventh Army Intelligence Center (SAIC) and Jesuiter's to Military Intelligence Research Section (MIRS) in London.[2] Several sources stated that German Bundesarchiv also had a copy in Koblenz.[5][6][3] However, in reply to inquiries by Richard Raskin, Bundesarchiv stated that third copy of report was never in their possession.[4]
  • : Both copies were exhibited at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in November 1945, sharing the document number 1061-PS, and used in the trial as “US Exhibit 275”.[4]
  • 1947: Both copies were used at International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in the trial of Oswald Pohl as exhibit 503.
  • : Himler/SAIC copy of the Stroop report and Katzmann Report were handed over by Fred Niebergal, head of Office of Chief of Counsel for War Crimes – OCCWC, to Bernard Acht, head of Polish Military Mission in Nuremberg.[2]
  • 1948: Jesuiter/MIRS copy of the report went to National Archives (NARA) in Washington, D.C., where it remains.[4]
  • : The Warsaw (Himler/SAIC) copy of the report was used in Jürgen Stroop trial at Warsaw Criminal District Court,[3] and transferred afterwards to KC PZPR archive.[2]
  • 1952: The Warsaw copy is transferred to "Główna Komisja Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce" and it successor Instytut Pamięci Narodowej – Komisja Ścigania Zbrodni przeciwko Narodowi Polskiemu where it remains. [2]

Text of the report and the photographs can be found at:

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  5. Yad Vashem Photo Archive
  6. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum[dead link]


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