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He aquí la discografía de Hillsong producida por la iglesia Hillsong. Hillsong Music a producido más de cien canciones distribuidas en, más o menos, 50 albumes.

Este anexo divide esta discografía por series y por año.

Hillsong Live[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
The Power of your love 1992
Stone's Been Rolled Away 1993
People Just Like Us 1994
Friends in High Places 1995
God is in the House 1996
All things are possible 1997
Touching Heaven Changing Earth 1998
By your side 1999
For this cause 2000
Your are my world 2001
Blessed 2002
Hope 2003
For All You've Done 2004
God he reigns 2005
Mighty to save 2006
Saviour King 2007
This is our God 2008
Faith + Hope + Love 2009
A Beautiful Exchange 2010
God is Able 2011

Hillsong United[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
One 1998
Everyday 1999
Best Friend 2000
King of Majestic 2001
To the Ends of the Earth 2002
More Than Life 2003
Look to you 2004
United we Stand 2005
Unidos Permanecemos 2006
All of the Above 2007
In a Valley by the Sea 2007
The I Heart Revolution:With Hearts as One 2008
Across the earth:Tear down the falls 2009
The I Heart Revolution:We're all in this together 2010
Aftermath 2011
Welcome to the Aftermath álbum de Hillsong United 2012

Hillsong Youth TP[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
Summer 2010
Autumn 2010
Winter 2010
Spring 2010

Hillsong Chapel[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
Yahweh 2010

Hillsong Kids[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
Shout To the Lord 2002
Jesus is my Superhero 2004
Super Strong God 2005
Supernatural 2006
Tell the World 2007
Follow You 2008
Ultimate Kids Collection 2009
Hillsong Kids Big Curriculum 2010

Hillsong Kids Pre-School[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
Life With Jesus 2011

Worship Series[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
Simply Worship 1996
Simply Worship 2 1997
Simply Worship 3 1998
Overwhelmed 2000
Amazing Love 2003
Faithful 2004
Songs for Communions 2006

Youth Alive[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
Jump to the Jam 1994
Chosen One 1996
The Plan 1998
One 1999
Awake 2000
Elevate 2001

Instrumental Worship[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
The Secret Place 1999
Forever 2003


Título Lanzamiento
Christmas Worship 2001
Celebrating Christmas 2005
It's Christmas 2009


Título Lanzamiento
Hills Praise 1997
Extravagant Worship: The Songs of Darlene Zschech 2002
Extravagant Worship: The Songs of Reuben Morgan 2002
The Platinum Collection Volume 1:Shout of the Lord 2000
The Platinum Collection Volume 2:Shout of the Lord 2003
Ultimate Worship 2005
Extravagant Worship: The Songs of Miriam Webster 2007
Ultimate Collection Volume II 2008
Extravagant Worship: The Songs of Joel Houston 2008
You'll Come 2009
The Very Best of Hillsong Live 2010
Tour Collection Limited Edition 2010


Título Lanzamiento
Spirith and Truth 1988
Show Your Glory 1990
Shout to the Lord 1996
I Believe to the Promise 1997
Shout to the Lord 2000 1998
Hillsong + Delirius? - UP: Unified Praise 2004

En español[editar]


  1. El álbum es de Hillsong United, vease.

Enlaces externos[editar]

Título Lanzamiento
Unidos Permanecemos[1] 2006
Con Todo 2010
En Mi Lugar 2011
En Esto Creo 2015
Mi Roca 2018