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Burnout Revenge es la cuarta entrega de la Serie de videojuegos Burnout, lanzado para la PlayStation 2 y la Xbox el 13 de septiembre 2005 y para la Xbox 360 el 7 de marzo 2006, por otra parte la PlayStation Portable y Nintendo DS recibieron a Burnout Legends (La versión de Nintendo DS de Burnout Legends no incluye soundtrack). Este Soundtrack en su mayoría contiene estilos como: pop punk, emo, y rock alternativo. También contiene canciones versión de estudio y remixes de las mismas. No todas las canciones que se listan para Burnout Revenge están incluidas en Burnout Legends. A continuación un listado de las canciones, diferenciando de las que Burnout Revenge contiene y Burnout Legends no.

Canciones del Soundtrack[editar]

No. Título Artista Album En Burnout Legends?
1 "Lights and Sounds" Yellowcard 5.4Lights and Sounds Sí 
2 "Break on Through (To the Other Side) The Doors 5.4The Doors No No
3 "Shotgun" The Outline 5.4You Smash It, We'll Build Around It Sí 
4 "Life Burns!" Apocalyptica 5.4Apocalyptica No No
5 "Top of the World" The All-American Rejects 5.4Move Along No No
6 "The Big Jump" The Chemical Brothers 5.4Push the Button No No
7 "Stand Up" Pennywise 5.4The Fuse Sí 
8 "Tuned to a Different Station" Dogs 5.4Turn Against This Land Sí 
9 "The World" The Starting Line 5.4Based on a True Story No No
10 "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" LCD Soundsystem 5.4LCD Soundsystem No No
11 "Do What You Want" OK Go 5.4Oh No Sí 
12 "Band-Girls-Money" Tsar 5.4Band-Girls-Money Sí 
13 "Come On" Andy Hunter 5.4Life No No
14 "Almost Here" The Academy Is... 5.4Almost Here Sí 
15 "Riot Radio" The Dead 60s 5.4The Dead 60s Sí 
16 "Nü Rock" Morningwood 5.4Morningwood Sí 
17 "Today" Junkie XL 4.2Today Sí 
18 "Heard That Sound" MxPx 5.4Panic Sí 
19 "Bundy" Animal Alpha 5.4Pheromones Sí 
20 "I Want" Goldfinger 5.4Disconnection Notice Sí 
21 "Hand of Blood" Bullet for My Valentine 5.4Hand of Blood No No
22 "Dance, Dance" Fall Out Boy 5.4From Under the Cork Tree No No
23 "All the Rage" Funeral for a Friend 5.4Hours No No
24 "Apply Some Pressure" Maxïmo Park 5.4A Certain Trigger No No
25 "Better World" Infusion 5.4Six Feet Above Yesterday No No
26 "An Honest Mistake" The Bravery 5.4The Bravery No No
27 "Ink" Finch 5.4Say Hello to Sunshine Sí 
28 "The Hey Man!" Emanuel 5.4Soundtrack to a Headrush Sí 
29 "As the Tables Turn" CKY 5.4An Answer Can Be Found No No
30 "Red Flag" Billy Talent 5.4Billy Talent II Sí 
31 "Wake the Dead" Comeback Kid 5.4Wake the Dead Sí 
32 "Helicopter" Bloc Party 5.4Silent Alarm No No
33 "Flyover" Asian Dub Foundation 5.4Tank No No
34 "Straight to Video"> Mindless Self Indulgence 5.4You'll Rebel to Anything Sí 
35 "Beast and the Harlot" Avenged Sevenfold 5.4City of Evil No No
36 "First Day" Timo Maas 5.4Pictures No No
37 "The Great Escape" We Are Scientists 5.4With Love and Squalor Sí 
38 "F.I.G.H.T." Unwritten Law 5.4Here's to the Mourning No No
39 "Fear and Loathing" The Black Velvets 5.4The Black Velvets Sí 
40 "Lullaby" Thrice 5.4Vheissu No No
41 "Shot Down" Nine Black Alps 5.4Everything Is Sí