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Hola los amigos, nombre ny son Midnight68. Aquí está una galería de mis ilustraciones de los campos Wikimedia Commons. Usted es agradable utilizarlos para ilustrar los artículos aquí en es.wikipedia (perdone por favor mi traducción pobre).

Hi guys, Midnight68 here. Here's a gallery of my artwork from Wikimedia Commons, feel free to use them to illustrate articles here in es.wikipedia.

Feel free to edit if you have contributions, but your account only promotes lolicon images and creates userboxes, which is seen as furthering the debate on Commons. Here we call those accounts "CPPs" (sole purpose accounts" andthey're highly frowned upon). Magister Mathematicae: (clic aquí para saber cómo puedes ayudar a Wikipedia) 15:30 31 jul 2010 (UTC)
With respect, I believe I have the right to create userboxes and place them on my userpage. A number of Spanish wikipedians are already using my pictures. If they can use my artwork to create userboxes, then I should have the same right.
Midnight68 (discusión) 03:29 1 ago 2010 (UTC)

Translation help needed[editar]

I'm composing a new section for the Panchira article. Can anyone help with the Spanish translation? The draft of the new section is posted here:



Midnight68 (discusión) 01:41 3 ago 2010 (UTC)

TotalJUAN says...[editar]

Muchas gracias por tu regalo, lo colocare tu versión en Userbox/Anime para compartirlo con todos.
Thank you very much for your gift, I will post your version on Userbox/Anime to share with everyone.

Tu cuenta será renombrada[editar]

01:43 18 mar 2015 (UTC)