Los Hamptons

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The Hamptons (The Hamptons in English) refers to various places east of Long Island in the state of New York in the United States. They are well known for being a vacation spot for the wealthiest Americans, a place where the luckiest of the City of New York can spend the summer or on weekends. In the United States, when speaking of affluent people, it is very common to hear the phrase, "a house in the Hamptons." The area East Hampton ("East Hampton") is generally considered the richest and most exclusive, where many celebrities and millionaires live. Despite the popular idea of the Hamptons as a community of wealthy class and high income, the Hamptons are also home to low economic class, who increasingly have to move because of the cost. Even in the supposedly opulent East Hampton, there are immigrant workers from developing countries, who move there to get a job opportunity and exploit the situation of the growing construction industry created by the demand for larger homes.

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